Friday, February 09, 2007

Google, Truckin', and Top 10 Referrals

There are a lot of horny poker players out there. I get searches everyday looking for pictures of your favorite poker players naked. The typical search is... Brandi Hawbacker naked pics or Clonie Gowen anal or Evelyn Ng nipples or Isabelle Mercier thong or Shana Hiatt porno. And yes those were actual Google searches in the last week.

Here are a few searches in the few weeks that make me question the mental stability of a few of you...
1. Brandi Hawbaker Bryan Micon sex video
2. Teabagging Partik Antonius
3. Young black ass worship cum shot
4. Keezel Haley Dirty Sanchez
5. Pauly Michalski bald spots

* * * * *

Truckin' - February 2007, Vol. 7, Issue 2

The latest issue of Truckin' has been published. It has stories from Gracie, BTreotch, Nick Cantwell, May B. Yesno, and an Aussie tale from me.

1. Big Day Out by Paul McGuire
We did not have a hotel room in Surfer's Paradise with fewer than 18 hours before we were scheduled to board a flight to Coolangota Airport on Australia’s Gold Coast. We were caught up with work in Melbourne and waited to the last minute to book a room... More

2. A.M. by Nick Cantwell
Disoriented at first, then a realization. Lisa. No Liz. Yeah that's it - Liz. She's naked. Sound asleep... More

3. My Clog by Gracie Logan
When my film's start time drew near, my clogs and I said good-bye to the sunny afternoon. We purchased one ticket (my clogs travel free) and entered the inviting cool darkness that is the lobby of the Music Box Theatre... More

4. Emilio Estevez Is Born by BTreotch
Joe Estevez was in a pickle, he knew Janet was in the midst of some invisible shrimp tickle. Scooping her into his arms, Joe got an erection and asked where the ladies room was... More

5. Title by May B. Yesno
On the inside boiled and roiled the heathenish and brutal trail of mangled flesh, from every direction, tokens of small bottles of human - and sometimes, from the early days, animals - blood... More

If you like these stories, then please do me and the rest of the writers a huge favor: Tell your friends about your favorite stories. It takes a few seconds to pass along Truckin'. I certainly appreciate your support. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you know anyone who is interested in being added to the mailing list.

Thanks to the writers who exposed their souls to the world and wrote for free. Thanks again to you the readers for wasting your precious time with Truckin'. The March issue is a special L.A. edition. If you are from L.A. and would like to contribute a story about L.A., shoot me an email.

* * * * *

Many thanks to my Top 10 Referrals. Only forty days into 2007, I'm shocked that the Tao of Pauly sent so many visitors (and new ones at that).
Top 10 Referrals:
1. Tao of Pauly
2. Twenty-one Outs Twice (Chris Fargis)
3. Las Vegas & Poker Blog (Poker Prof & Flipchip)
4. Wicked Chops Poker
5. Aaron Gleeman
6. Up for Poker (CJ, G-Rob, Otis)
7. Shaniac
8. Brandon Schaefer
9. Guinness & Poker (Old School Iggy)
10. AlCantHang
Thanks again.

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