Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mookie Day

By Pauly

I'm still under the weather and bedridden in the City of Angels with a nasty case of strep throat. I'm under strict orders not to speak for two days. I'm confined to Change100's bed and it's nowhere as sexy as you think since I'm sick as a dog. Therefore, unless Nurse Jaxia comes over to give me a sponge bath or Dr. Iakaris, Dr. Jeff, or Dr. Chako makes a house call to jack me up with steroids, I will not be able to play tonight. However, that should not deter you from playing in The Mookie. See below for details.

In case some of you were wondering if you could switch lives with me, there are two instances where you wouldn't want to. The first is... I don't have health insurance. I've been reluctant to pull the trigger and head over to Cedars Sinai's ER which would cost an uninsured person like me a few grand which is out of my price range since I still have money in limbo via Neteller. After two days of intense throat pain, I sucked it up this morning and Change100 drove me to the free clinic in West Hollywood peppered with homeless people, AIDS patients, 16 year pregnant girls, and people who don't speak a lick of English. After two plus hours sitting in disease infested waiting room, all I got was penicillin, some extra-strength Motrin, and a possible case of scabies from the guy in front of me who looked like Abe Vigoda. But at least my conversational Spanish has improved.

The second bane of my existence is trying to track down deliquent clients who promised to pay. You fuckers know who you are and if you don't pay up soon, my collection agents Derek and The Rooster are going to pay you a visit.

Original content written and provided by Pauly from Tao of Poker. All rights reserved.

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