Saturday, February 24, 2007

L.A. Poker Classic Coverage

By Pauly

Usually, I'm a solo act. It takes something special to get me to work with a team and Poker News is one of those rare exceptions.

Starting Saturday at 3:30pm local time, Poker News will be providing coverage of the latest stop on the World Poker Tour... the prestigious L.A. Poker Classic at Commerce Casino. Head over to the Live Reporting tab on Poker News to follow the action.

John "Schecky" Caldwell assembled a mega-team of tournament reporters and I'm fortunate to be a part of this super group. We're the Traveling Wilburys of the poker circuit. You've heard the names before in different capacities... Schecky, Shronk, Lavalli, Calistri, Change100, and Dr. Pauly. And for the first time, you'll get to see us in action over the next week or so as we provide you with multimedia coverage of the biggest tournament in California for Poker News.

Send out an email blast. Tell your friends. Wake your neighbors. Spam poker forums. Blog about it on your knitting blogs. Because the gang at Poker News is going to try to set the standard on how poker tournaments should be covered.

Let's meet the LAPC coverage team at Poker News:

Schecky eating corn

Schecky: John Caldwell is the Editor-In-Chief of Poker News and the mastermind behind assembling the super team. He recently got engaged to Jen Leo, who is a super catch. The former music industry guru once shaved his goatee for $5,000 at the bequest of the dudes at Hootie and the Blowfish. The bidding starts at $5,001...


Shronk: Justin Shronk is a multimedia genius and drank fourteen energy drinks in a row at the Aussie Millions without pissing once. He also ate Vegemite for a prop bet and has yet to get that salty taste out of his mouth four weeks later.

The Poker Shrink

Dr. Tim Lavalli: The Poker Shrink is the captain of the live blogging team and his impressive resume includes covering tournaments for multiple outlets. With Amy Calistri aka Nancy Drew, they cracked the case of the missing $2 million chips at the 2006 Main Event. And yes he can psychoanalyze you in less than four minutes and has Liz Lieu's number on speed dial.

Amy Calistri

Amy Calistri: The best cleavage in poker will be providing some of the best photos at the LAPC. I'll do my best to sneak a boob shot of Amy for all of you die-hard fans of Calistri's Cleavage. And as always, if there's any gossip to be found at Commerce, it will eventually waft its way towards Amy.


Change100: Everyone's favorite former-child-actor turned Hollyweird-exec turned freelance poker writer is joining the zoo at PokerNews. Change100 broke into the grueling world of tournament reporting at the 2006 WSOP with where she dazzled everyone with her hilarious WSOP Fashion Reports: Winners and Losers. If you're a fashion victim, she'll be quick to point it out.

Dr. Pauly: You know my story. I actually retired two years ago and moved to Amsterdam. Nothing I've written since late 2005 is actually mine. Don't you love outsourcing and interns? Never underestimate what $5,000 can get in Banglore, India and what creative writing students at NYU will do for a bag of weed and free pizza.

Don't forget to stop by Poker News and check out the Live Reporting of the LA Poker Classic starting at 3:30pm on Saturday.

Original content written and provided by Pauly from Tao of Poker. All rights reserved.

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