Tuesday, February 27, 2007

L.A. Poker Classic Day 4: Trimming 54 to 18

By Pauly

The race for the mouth-watering $2.4 million first place prize continued at the Commerce Casino for the LA Poker Classic as the bubble broke at 2:45am late last night. 152 players began Day 3 and only 54 players made it to Day 4. All remaining players made the money and are guaranteed to win $22,780.

I wrote a Recap of Day 3 which has been posted over at Poker News. It's one of the best recaps I wrote thus far for Poker News, so you don't want to miss it.

JC Tran began the day as the chipleader, then lost it after he bluffed off most of his chips. 2006 WSOP runner-up Paul Wasicka went on a huge run and became the first player to rush past $1 Million in chips. He'd lose about 30% of his stack late in Day 3 as Jason Strasser got hot. That quiet kid from Duke put on a clinic. With a short stack he doubled through Wasicka, bullied his opponents and ended Day 3 second in chips to Bill Edler.

Kristy Gazes cashed in her sixth straight event and was the last female standing. She doubled up with A-A on the bubble to jump into 18th place in chips, while Change100 was fawning over her choice in shoes. Yes, we al love Kristy Gazes.

Head over to Poker News for our Live Reporting updates of Day 4 at the L.A. Poker Classic at Commerce Casino.

There's are also plenty of photos courtesy of Amy Calistri in the LAPC Photo Gallery.

Don't forget to check out Poker News' video galleries with our reporter Tiffany Michelle and Schecky interviewing various pros.

Here's an interview with the Isaac Haxton who has $800K stuck in Neteller:

Click here to view the video.

Here are some other interesting player interviews that were shot yesterday:
Paul Wasicka
Kristy Gazes
Barry Greenstein
Tad Jurgens
Jacobo Fernandez
Day 2 Recap
Daddy's buddy Chau Giang is still alive! He was cracking me up from the moment he set foot into the ballroom for Day 3. He was engrossed in a deep massage at his table with a pack of Marlboro Lights next to his chip stack. Only twenty minutes into Day 3, Giang appeared extremely spent after a late night at the cash game tables in the Commerce Casino poker room. I wonder if he even slept? When the action slowed down, he entertained his table with wild gambling stories involving high stakes betting on a round of golf. He flew to Mexico with Bobby Baldwin, Phil Ivey, and Doyle Brunson where they played golf with NBA legend Michael Jordan for 50K per hole.

"I'm not good. I don't play," admitted Giang. "I'm just there to gamble."

There's something amazingly surreal about a crazy Asian gambler standing on a golf course in Mexico, wagering on whether the greatest basketball player of all time can sink a 20 foot putt.

Noteworthy eliminations on Day 3 included: Barry Greenstein, Erik Seidel, Minh Ly, Ted Forrest, Crispin Leyser, Toto Leonidas, Daniel Alaei, Steve Brecher, Brian Haveson, Anthony Mak (Negreanu's new protege), Jesse Jones, Quinn Do, Dan Schmeich, Joe Tehan, Steve Dannenmann, Eugene Todd, Parhlad Friedman, and Tim Phan.

Here are the Top 10 chipcounts:
1. Bill Edler 696K
2. Jason Strasser 677K
3. Suk Sung 668K
4. JC Tran 636K
5. Juan Alvarado 634K
6. Richard Munro 631K
7. Paul Wasicka 619K
8. Tad Jurgens 598K
9. CK Hua 597K
10. Chris Bell 570K
And here are some players still alive:
Jeff Cabanillas 515K
Nick Schulman 515K
Isaac Haxton 473K
Jay Chang 463K
Hans "Tuna" Lund 463K
Lee Markholt 388K
Kristy Gazes 339K
Ted Lawson 330K
Ed Moncada 323K
Joe Awada 300K
Chau Giang 283K
Nam Le 276K
BoDog Ari 177K
Vinny Procopio 150K
Greg FTB Mueller 97K
Nick Binger 84K
Mike Carson 84K
Action for Day 4 resumes at 3:30pm local time, so don't forget to stop by Poker News and check out the Live Reporting of the LA Poker Classic, brought to you by Schecky, Shronk, Lavalli, Calistri, Change100, Tiffany, and myself.

Original content written and provided by Pauly from Tao of Poker. All rights reserved.

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