Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tao of Three

My poker blog silently celebrated it's third year of existence last week. Caught up in the post-WSOP malaise, I totally forgot about the milestone until a buddy pointed it out to me. Three summers ago, friends of mine who were loyal readers of the Tao of Pauly got sick of all the poker content. They formed a mutiny and ordered me to start a new blog... the Tao of Poker. Within a few weeks I picked up two readers Iggy and Mr. Decker.

The rest was history. Thanks to everyone for reading and for the support on those numerous dark days when the weight of the world sits heavy on my shoulders.

The inception of the Tao of Poker in August of 2003 set forth a chain of events in the cosmos. And through the blog I've been able to cross paths with so many of you especially a handful of folks that I've been able to become good friends with. Somewhere along this wild journey, I puked in Daddy's car in Indiana, announced the final table of the EPT in Barcelona, picked up a job writing for Fox Sports, and went to the Playboay Mansion with seven other bloggers. In the past twelve months, I tied for first place at the Brad-o-ween Poker Open, got my junk grabbed at the MGM sportsbook, quit blogging for a few weeks, rented out the Tao to a casino, and had my work translated into Swedish and Italian. I spent more time on the road than living in NYC visiting G-Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Providence, Foxwoods CT, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinatti, Kentucky, Tennessee, Denver, Boulder, and of course Las Vegas.

I'm leaving Vegas later today for the first time in over two months. I couldn't escape Sin City without dropping the Hammer and hitting up a strip club one last time. In a fitting moment I won a big pot with a Hammer bluff and used that money to fund my excursion to the Rhino. Some people look at a pile of red chips and think of money. I looked at that same pile and saw nine lapdances.

The one lapdance that stood out were the two I got from Chyenne a dead ringer for Katie Holmes in her pre-Scientology but post-Dawson's Creek stage. Chyenne liked to chit chat about whiny sounding indie rock bands. I ran into a hipster stripper. Plus, never trust a woman who has the first name of a city, especially Las Vegas strippers.

I'm taking a short detour before my triumphant return to NYC after Labor Day. I'm heading to Colorado for a long weekend to spend time with hippies. I'm also seeing one of my favorite bands from New Orleans called Galactic play concerts in Fort Collins and Boulder. I'm going to write up a review for a Euro-trash music rag.

I'm also writing a spec piece on the Boulder Kickball Association. My buddy Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot is a proud member of the BKA and invited me to one of their practices. Of course, there's also the latest wrinkle in the Jonbenet Ramsey case and I might as well poke my nose around and try to dig up something interesting and try to sell that story. I'm gonna to try to sell three different pieces and none of them are about poker. I couldn't be happier.

Oh and I forgot to mention.... Daddy is going to be making a rare and special apperance in Colorado. Should be an interesting weekend of hippies, kickball, Jonbenet, donkeyfuckers, and New Orleans slamfunk.

After Colorado, I head out to Hollyweird for a week to lounge around at Zuma Beach with Change100 and finish work on the August issue of Truckin'. Aside from that, I'm gonna reacquaint myself with the characters I created almost four years ago in Jack Tripper Stole My Dog. I'm going to read it at least five times when I'm in LA before I return home to NYC. I need to read it ten times to jolt my memory back on track. I'm 18 days away from starting the new draft and I can't wait to write fiction again.

In the meantime, read my archives over the last 12 months. The third year of the Tao of Poker featured some of my best poker writing.

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I'm not going to predict the future of the Tao of Poker. I do my best work and have the most fun when I don't make a plan. I've been making up stuff as I go along for the past three years. That formula seems to work. Just when I think I've said everything there is to be said about poker... I think of something else to write about. Part of me wants to go on vacation and never come back.

* * * * *

I posted a photo gallery of Red Rock Canyon
over at the Tao of Pauly

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