Friday, August 04, 2006

WSOP Main Event Day 3

Everyone involved with the WSOP main event had a rare day off. In the last 35 or so hours, I managed to get some well-needed sleep after I passed out at a Pai Gow table around 3am at the Gold Coast around from sheer exhaustion. The last time I played Pai Gow with Otis, he was betting $800 a hand and we ended up doing that awful prop bet where I lost $400 after he ate two Keno crayons. We did some prop betting before I passed out. The chips at the Gold Coast have pictures of famous rodeo stars. The have images of cowboys on most of them. I found a rare rodeo clown. I'd take two chips... one cowboy and one clown. I'd yell out, "Yo, Otis... Clown or Cowboy?"

I'd turn over the chips and it mix up. He'd point to one and yell... "Cowboy!"

I'd flip it over and it would be the clown. I won that series of prop bets, going 3 for 4.

"I lose so much at Clown or Cowboy. I'm not any good at it," a dejected Otis declared. "I'm horrible at coinflips."

"That's why you don't go deep in tournaments," Tom Murphy from Antes Up said.

I played some donkey poker last night with CC and Change100 and got my Kings brutally cracked by a random hot chick from Sweden who held the Jaxia (J-9). She flopped a Jack and rivered the 9.

Moving on...

Don't forget to check out Flipchip's 2006 WSOP Photos. I'm also posting over at PokerStars Blog today.
WSOP Quick Day 3 Stats:
Remaining Players; 1,159
Money Starts at: 873
Average Stack: $76K
Blinds: $800/$1600 with $200 antes
Number of Entries: 8,773
Total Prize Money: $82,512,162
Harrah's Cut: $5,217,838

Top 11 Overall Chips:
1 Dmitri Nobles $553,000
2 Jon Lane $405,000
3 Ken Jacobs $395,000
4 Daniel Pelletier $335,000
5 Jason Strasser $330,000
6 Daniel Negreanu $320,000
7 Terris Preston $310,000
8 Phillipe Boucher $305,000
9 Matt Woodward $290,000
9 Paul Wasicka $290,000
9 Michael Lynn $290,000

Dan Heimiller $203,300
Jeff Lisandro $194,800
Eric "Rizen" Lynch $194,500
Allen Cunningham $172,900
David Chiu $154,700
Humberto Brenes $148,300
John Gale $146,500
Tuscaloosa Johnny Kampis $141,000
Ted Lawson $135,000
Ted Forrest $130,900
Joe Hachem $114,100
David "The Dragon" Pham $112,300
Tony Ma $98,500
Stuart "Donator" Paterson $92,600
Nam Le $91,000
Josh Arieh $85,600
Bob Feduniak $84,600
Tony Bloom $82,500
Mark Vos $81,100
Cyndy Violette $79,000
Carlos Mortensen $77,600
Surinder Sunar $77,300
Darrell "gigabet" Dicken $69,300
Hoyt Corkins $67,900
Annie Duke $67,000
Cecilia Mortensen $66,600
My Main Man Freddy Deeb $64,500
Tom McEvoy $60,500
Aaron Bartley $59,500
Paul Wolfe $59,500
Richard Brodie $57,800
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson $55,200
Kathy Liebert $48,500
David Grey $46,200
Melissa Hayden $44,900
Barny Boatman $43,000
Bill Baxter $42,600
Jose Rosenkrantz $42,400
Susie Isaacs $40,300
Adam Stormwind $30,000
Ryan Kahlberg $27,000
Phil Ivey $23,400
Bill Hoyt $22,700
Tex Barch $19,800
Layne Flack $19,500
Dan Goldman $17,800
Casey Kastle $16,300

Top 15 PokerStars Qualifiers:
Dmitri Nobles $549,200
Jon Lane $405,400
Daniel Pelletier $334,300
Jason Strasser $319,000
Phillipe Boucher $303,300
Dario Minieri $275,900
Cheng Yu $258,200
Akshay Kumar $249,600
aaron clark $242,000
Kyle Bowker $236,000
Chris Martin $231,300
Matt Maroon $208,900
Mark Gardner $196,500
Eric Lynch $194,500
Sean Johnson $191,000

For a complete list of Day 3 starting chipcounts and seat assignments head over to Las Vegas and Poker Blog.
Marv Albert would call today "crunch time." If the remaining players survive 286 more bust outs, they will be guaranteed at least 14K. For online qualifiers who bought in for a hundred bucks and under, that's a major score. For those who bought in directly, this is the breaking even point. The handful of pros left are looking for validation and enough media coverage to keep their sponsors happy. The broke degenerates in the field are seeking to boost their bankrolls or cover their sports betting, blackjack, or horse track loses.

People do funny things when money is on the line. We'll see who cracks under the pressure or who steps up and plays the best poker of their lives. We'll also see if the day off affected players negatively... because they had too much time to think about today. Or if the time away from the tables gave them a chance to regroup and focus.

Small stacks like Ryan K. are looking to double up early. Medium stacks are looking to hold on and wait the rush towards the money. And big stacks like Dimitri Nobles are looking to bully their tables and take advantage of the tentative and passive play as the bubble approaches.

"I love bubble time," is one of my favorite poker quotes from Otis. He's right, this is the most exciting time in a poker tournament. My least favorite is the TV bubble. That's when play slows to a snail's pace and I can read several hundred pages of Dostoevesky while waiting for one player to bust out.

I have no idea what to expect today. Play has been going much faster than even Harrah's anticipated. Some media reps are betting on the bubble breaking before dinner. I'm guessing just after dinner. But no one knows for sure.

I have 1% of Ryan K. so I'm rooting for him to double up. He's an excellent short stack player. With two final tables to go at one of the LAPC events, he entered as the shortstack and won the entire thing. He knows what he needs to do along with all the other short stacks. I guess fate/luck/destiny and the turn of the cards is out of the player's hands as the burden falls upon the shoulders of the dozens of disgruntled dealers on the floor.

Today is the first official day of "intense" media restrictions. I have a red badge and will only be allowed on the floor for twenty minutes at a time. It's hard to say how in depth my coverage will be, including photos. I'll do my best like I've been doing and I'll be slanting coverage towards the bloggers like Tusacloosa Johnny, Ryan K., Matt Maroon, and my buddy from NYC Stormy.

Stay tuned for more updates.

* * * * * Semi-Live Blogging Updates * * * * *

11:59am... I posted a list of all Day 3 starting chipcounts and seat assignments over at the Poker Prof's blog.

12:05pm... Cards are in the air.

12:30pm... I ran out to the floor to snag some quick photos before things got tense between the red badges and tge yellow badges. Joe Hcahem joked with me while I was shootong him. "Pauly, Make sure you don't publish the one of me picking my nose!" he joked. I found Stormy, Ryan, and Johnny. Nothing to report.

12:45pm... Jesus was moved to Ryan's table.

1:00pm... WSOP Photo Dump: Click on the photos to see an enlarged view.

Tuscaloosa Johnny

Ryan K.

Maroon scoops a pot

Birds on the rail

Barny, CJ, and Melissa Hayden

Dimitri's stack

Dimitri Nobles - Chipleader

1:05pm... Players on a break. Johnny took a bad beat when he flopped two pair and got sucked ouyt on. He has 86.5K. Ryan has 33K. And Joe Hachem is up to $150K. Dimitri Nobles is playing every hand, because he can. He's got $560K.

1:15pm... Bouncin Round the Media Room: Tim Lavalli walked upto me and said, "The new media room is now located in Pavillion 11... at the Wynn Casino." There's never a dull moment in the media room.

1:30pm... Ryan tripled up. He has 90K. I walked over just as he was stacking up his chips. He had 3.5 stacks of yellows (about 70K). "Don't ask," he said. He cracked A-A and Q-Q with K-10. Tom McEvoy moved all in preflop against a raiser. His opponent folded. McEvoy is up to 66K.

1:35pm... Irish Update: Joe "The Show" O'Neill raised Phil Ivey's big blind. Ivey called. Flop was A-Q-x. Both players checked the flop and turn when rags fell. Joe bet out on the river. Ivey folded. Joe showed 9-4o. Ivey slid off his headphones and Joe said, "I'm sharing a room with Andy Black. I know how to play you."

1:40pm... Recent Elimination: Casey Castle is out.

1:55pm... Thanks to Andrew Feldman at ESPN for pimping the Tao of Poker at SportsNation.

1:59pm... Ryan 1, Jesus 0. Ryan busted Jesus.

Jesus moments before he was busted by Ryan

2:10pm... 981 players left. Tables are nine handed now. Dimitri Nobles slipped to under 500K. Stormy has 31K. Tom McEvoy has over 70K. Matt Maroon has 150K.

2:15pm... Take a peek at an article I wrote over at PokerStars Blog about Tom McEvoy called Tom McEvoy 1983 Champion and 2006 Unsung Hero.

2:20pm... Recent Elimination: Josh Arieh has been eliminated. His 8-8 ran into the Hilton Sisters.

2:25pm... CJ scooped this blurb. Stormy was ticked off that a guy in an Ultimate Bet hockey jersey bothering players and walking around inside the ropes. He did not have a press badge and Stormy asked the floor to have the badge-less man removed. The floor agreed and asked the man in the UB jersey to leave. That guy was... Phil Hellmuth. Way to go Stormy! Stormy 1, Phil Hellmuth 0.

Adam "Stormy" Stormwind aka Hellmuth Hunter

2:30pm... Humberto Brenes won a pot with A-A and now has over $250K. He asked the ESPN crew, "Do you know how to say 'shark' in Spanish?" They shrugged their shoulder. He smiled and said, "Humerto!"

2:40pm... Recent Elimination: The Quiet Lion hit the rail when his Hiltons lost a race to Big Slick.

2:50pm... Recent Elimination: Carlos Mortensen and Phil Ivey are out. Ivey flopped a straight flush draw and missed. Joe Hachem and Tom McEvoy are the remaining former champs left in the field.

3:00pm... Chick Watch: Cyndy Violette leads the pack with 100K. Annie Duke (who is at the feature table) has 62K. Kathy Liebert has 57K. Susie Isaacs has 45K. Melissa Hayden has 57K

3:15pm... Players are about to go on break. One floor guy that I trust told me there are 915 platers remaining.

3:20pm... Bouncin Round the Room: Spectators are not allowed inside and they are lining up in the corridors in front of entrances waiting to get in. Some of them are asking me questions like, "Is Doyle Brunson still in? How about Dutch Boyd?" Marcel Luske is out in the hallway taking photos with fans. I walked up behind him twice and did the devil's horns behind his head. In the documentary Bittersweet Motel about the band Phish (shot just before digital cameras came out), there's a scene where the band talks about how they fucked with fans during an European tour when fans run up and ask to take photos with them. The tour manager grabs the camera and purposely cuts the heads off and angles the camera down. These days you can't do that with digital cameras.

3:30pm... Go read Michael Craig's blog.

3:33pm... Random Chipconts: Here you go.
Dimitri Nobles 524K
Jason Stasser 450K
Daniel Negreanu 310K
John Gale 309K
Humberto Brenes 256K
Dario "Roma" Minieri 250K
Allen Cunningham 247K
Rizen 205K
Joe Hachem 154K
Tuscaloosa Johnny 107K
Ryan 105K
Donator 105K
Dan Heimiller 95K
Cyndy Violette 91K
Tom McEvoy 70K
Layne Flack 51K
Matt Maroon 50K
Stormy 30K
3:45pm... Bouncin Round the Media Room: Here are some quotes that were overheard in the last two minutes.
"They (Card Player) must have given Chris Ferguson extra chips, because they didn't want him to bust." - CJ

"I drank Sambuca with a Norwegian last night." - Otis

"Clown or Cowboy is my new favorite game." - Wil

"I think Humberto is the sombero of ass hats." - Tom Murphy

"I got a pic of Cyndy Violette's butt crack. I'll email it to you." - Change100

"Welcome to the World Series of Assholes." - Tom Murphy after getting yelled at by a floor guy for doing his job
4:00pm... We're on Level 13. Blinds are $1K/$2K with $300 antes.

4:05pm... I got this email from Harrah's: "While in the WSOP tournament area, please be advised that apparel containing logos for any dot com gaming sites must be covered with a dot net sticker. These stickers are located inside the media centers and inside the tournament room (podium located in middle of tournament room). If you require any assistance, please see a representative of the staff. We appreciate your cooperation."

4:15pm... Recent Elimination: Layne Flack is out when his 8-8 ran into Kings and Aces. He walked off as ESPN's crew filmed him, which got him more pissed off.

4:20pm... Smoke break.

4:40pm... Recent Elimination: My main man Freddy Deeb hits the rail.

4:45pm... The bubble appraoches and all the red badge media are banned from the floor until the bubble bursts. Instead of playing hand for hand, the table will play a full orbit then wait for all of the other tables to complete their orbit, then they'll continue this routine until the bubble breaks.

4:53pm... 878 players remain. We're five off the bubble.

5:00pm... 3 more players until the money.

5:15pm... Allen Cunningham is on a tear. Flipchip picked him to win before the WSOP began. "I have a feeling about the kid," Flipchip said. He's seen him develop over the last few years into one of the more consistent players on the circuit. He's jumped into the Top 5 in chips. Jason Strasser and Dimitri Nobles are still at the head of the pack.

5:30pm... The money bubble broke! All players will win at least $14,597. Ryan and Tuscaloosa Johnny all made the money. I have 1% of Ryan, which means I'm gonna get at least $145 of my $200 investment back. the next money jump is at 819 players. The next level of payout will go up to $15,504.

5:45pm... Recent Eliminations: Elpidio Castro, Haga Mikkel, Geoff Sanford, Brendan Shiller, Daryll Futch, Brian Gass, Joe O'Neill, Erik Lindbarg, Andrea Mosiej, Jeff Kanow, and Ryan Badil. Those players all split the money with a share of $10,616.

6:00pm... Recent Eliminations: The following players won $14,597... Nam Le, Steve Graham, Paul Fisher, David Barrie, Ryan Coppil, and Marc Wasserman.

6:05pm... Dimitri Nobles has 525K. Jason Strasser has 460K. Humberto Brenes has 400K. 5 of the top 6 chipleaders at this point are PokerStars guys.

6:15pm... Around 730 players remain. As soon as the bubble burst all the short stacks moved all in, which clogged up the cashout line.

6:30pm... Ryan has a little under 100K. Tom McEvoy has 91K. Stormy has 20K and holding on.

6:35pm... Bouncin' Round the Room: Once the money buble broke, players were told they could not listen to music on headphones. They had the same rule last year. I almost ran into Robert Varkonyi who was on his cellphone. I considered hip-checking him into the payout area. One kid on the rail told his friend, "This is the boringest fuckin' thing I've ever been to."

6:44pm... Recent Eliminations: Here's a formal list. The following players won $14,597:
The following players won $15,504:
775 - Layne Roush
776 - Graham Webster
777 - John Kincaid
778 - Justin Huxley
779 - Keith Mitalda
780 - Yung-Hsiang Fan
781 - Chance Walker
782 - Reginald Simmons
783 - Baud Dominik
784 - Jonathan Greenhalgh
785 - Alan Steffen
786 - Rogelio Martinez
787 - Jeff Cabanillas
788 - Brian Roberts
789 - Peter Kunc
790 - David Cristiano
791 - Christopher Viox
792 - Jeffrey Mermelstein
793 - Jonathan Rego
794 - Dan Boren
795 - Ara Melikian
796 - David Vozza
797 - John Waddell
798 - Johan Backfjard
799 - Kelvin Sumerville
800 - Brian Coomey
801 - Scott Sweesy
802 - Stephen O'Keeffe
803 - Colin Wickersheim
804 - Mike Durbin
805 - Paul Murrell
806 - Andrew Taylor
807 - Bradley Birarda
808 - Greg Spence
809 - Lior Segal
810 - Jared Hamby
811 - Colin Frisby
812 - John Eric Backman
813 - Jordan Handrich
814 - Nicholas Montouri
815 - Mark Popkin
816 - Pontus Jonasson
817 - Daniel Larsson
818 - Michael Zakarran
819 - Halim Lababdeh

The following players won $14,597:
820 - Paul Mannoni
821 - Fred Lavassani
822 - Mark Rasmussen
823 - Morten Lokken
824 - Joe Everett
825 - Bryan Sandrock
826 - ????
827 - Vitaly Lunkin
828 - George Watson
829 - Robert Enfield
830 - David Hamilton
831 - Bennard Thung
832 - Ashig Abdullah
833 - Roger Mason
834 - Dan Schlauch
835 - Brian Riley
836 - Michael Lee
837 - Joseph M. Cappello
838 - Steven Choi
839 - Ed Latif
840 - Rick Middleton
841 - Kyung Han
842 - Gary Margolis
843 - Scott Miller
844 - Ernesto Panno
845 - Kjetil Flatnes
846 - Morton Lerbrekk
847 - Chris Convery
848 - Doug Dearborn
849 - ???
850 - Nam Le
851 - Vince Deluco
852 - Steven Dubin
853 - Barny Boatman
854 - Paul McCaffrey
855 - Donna Wilson
856 - Jim Olson
857 - ???
858 - Paul F. Smith
859 - Thomas Adams
860 - Greg Myers
861 - Steve Graham
862 - Paul Fisher
863 - David Barrie
864 - Ryan Coppil
865 - Marc Wasserman
6:46pm... Recent ELimiantions: Daniel Larrson is out. Tuscaloosa Johnny and Matt Maroon went out on the same hand! Maroon had Q-Q and Tuscaloosa Johnny had K-K. They both ran into A-A, which held up. Great run guys. Congrats for cashing. Live poker is sooo rigged.
The following players won $16,493:
736 - Eric S. Sonstegard
737 - Jon Einarsvean
738 - Benett Nathanson
739 - Pierre Bounahara
740 - Christopher Barash
741 - Gerald Kane
742 - Jonathan Michaels
743 - Hoang Nguyen
744 - Gareth Edwards
745 - Orlando Romero
746 - Ira Gibbs
747 - Daron Estrada
748 - Josh Trygg
749 - Brian Hetzel
750 - Yuri Bokkel
751 - Christopher Ellison
752 - Steve Martenelli
753 - Richard Clary
754 - Cicurel Didier
755 - Marc Greenspan
756 - Mike May
757 - Magnus Carlen
758 - Rick Fratcher
759 - Brett Rickey
760 - Seth Cohen
761 - Richard Grijalva
762 - Arthur Katz
763 - Richard Shorten
764 - Suhura Suga
765 - John McDevitt
766 - John Short
767 - Matt Maroon
768 - Tuscaloosa Johnny Kampis
769 - Andres Larsson
770 - David Farber
771 - Mike Frederick
772 - Casey Baldwin
773 - Norman Tang
774 - Dan Birken
7:00pm... Players are on dinner break. Around 750 are left. I'm heading to the Tilted Kilt with Wil, Ryan, and Change100.

8:30pm... We're back from dinner break. We're on Level 14. Blinds are $1,200/$2,400 with $300 antes. We're playing two more levels (max) or until we get down to 550 players... whichever comes first.

9:15pm... Ryan was moved to Daniel Negreanu's table. He has 116K.

9:30pm... Recent Eliminations: Stuart "Donator" Patterson and Peter "Nordberg" Feldman are out. 667 players remain. Yes I know that there's a problem with the payout list. I'm just passing along the information that I get.
The following players won $16,493:
721 Steven Dunkelberg
722 Tyler Chabolla
723 Donna Skolnick
724 Phil Doucette
725 Johnny Price
726 Christina Jones
727 John Wilson
728 Nicolas Irving
729 Ivan Saul
730 Flaminio Malaguti
731 Stuart "Donator" Patterson
732 Ronnie Yarbrough
733 Bob Roth
734 Dan Brien
735 Johan Kretz
736 Justin Trusdell
737 Peter "Nordberg" Feldman
10:00pm... Recent Eliminations: Paul Wolfe is going home for the day.
The following players won $17,730:
679 Jianjun Li
680 Steve Lustig
681 Oystein Halland
682 Brian Lamanna
683 Gary Broaddus
684 Pat Ferraro
685 Alan Choi
686 Paul Lui
687 Neil Butterfield
688 Robert Lauria
689 Bret Budrick
690 Fred Marcell
691 Michael Frandsen
692 Frank Callucci
693 Rafael Encarnacion
694 William Harker
695 Robert Ohl
696 Olga Spirova
697 Danny Li
698 Kenneth Bennett
699 Jeffrey Abramovitz
700 Brad Higgins
701 David Margolis
702 Scott Williams
703 Danny DeJesus
704 James Mellor
705 Tom Drotleff
706 William Burdick
707 Bruck Frank
708 Samuel Hsiao
709 Robert Haderstroh
710 Ari Levy
711 Magdalena Halford
712 Chase Offield
713 Salvatore Erna
714 Tony Lay
715 Paul Wolfe
716 Dan Bokesch
717 Jeremy Roberts
718 David Horbury
719 Marcus Holm
720 Aram Zerounian
10:20pm... Recent Elimiantions: Darrell Dicken is out.
The following players won $19,050:
651 Ernesto Tohme
652 Marty Cortinas
653 Yuriy Kozinskiy
654 Nelson Dismukes
655 Shane Jandro
656 Mark Gilbert
657 Lin Lee
658 Mark Herron
659 Marc St. Germain
660 Joe Gualtieri
661 Gabriel Valente
662 Tom Richter
663 Scott Sherwood
664 Sam Bezant
665 Mark Wilds
666 Musa Mustafa

The following players won $17,730:
667 Bill Newman
668 Fred Conforti
669 William Strohme
670 Craig Bobbins
671 Tore Michelsen
672 Darrell "Gigabet" Dicken
673 Hank Sitton
674 Brian Brandon
675 Daniel Hart
676 John Kindley
677 Scott Shone
678 Chris Peitrarosso
10:30pm... Ryan has 95K. Stormy has 22K. Negreanu took a big hit and slipped to 25K. Joe Hachem went on a little bit of tilt when he mucked A-K to a guy who pushed all in with A-Q. He slipped to under 100K for the first time today. Tom McEvoy has 110K. The average stack is $142K.

10:45pm... Recent Eliminations: Players are busting out faster than I can keep up. When players bust out they are shuffled off to a waiting area near the cash game tables, where they have to sit until they are porcessed and all the paperwork is filled out.
The following players won $20,617:
596 Lance Smith
597 Ken Powell
598 M. Mitchener
599 Paul Parker
600 Larry Newman
601 Anders Henriksson
602 Josh Egan
603 Manish Patel
604 Tom Lieb
605 Jim McCrink
606 Mitch Maples
607 Cuong Le
608 Mark Bushardo
609 Jay Johnson
610 Matt Holtzclaw
611 John McLaughlin
612 Lou Russo
613 March Schwartz
614 Ted Doukas
615 Keith Chauvrin
616 Mark Bogen
617 John Eilermann
618 Jojo Cutri
619 Ramon Abis
620 Stephen Ladowski
621 Stan Goldstein

The following players won $19,050:
622 Jeffrey Edy
623 Ian McDonald
624 Frank Reach
625 William Williams
626 Brian Rakestow
627 Nahid Yafaoui
628 Nestar Ygborn
629 Stewart Gold
630 Barry Schnell
631 Edwin Miller
632 Mark Eldreth
633 Chris Hamman
634 William Hames
635 Mike Kozisek
636 Rickies Millis
637 Kyle Burnside
638 Deric Williams
639 Sargon Ruya
640 Rune Anderson
641 Douglas Watkoski
642 Scott Mayfield
643 Jonathan Diamond
644 Scott Fenton
645 Kevin Stanford
646 Dane Wheeler
647 Peter Kiem
648 Wayne Boyd
649 Michael Glick
650 Andrew Bishop
10:45pm... Players are on a break.

11:25pm... The Apocalypse is upon us. Dimitri Nobles has 666K in chips.

11:30pm... Recent Elimination: More bust outs including Tony Ma and Bob Fednuiak.
The following players won $20,617:
568 Jacob Juhl
569 Patrick Fortin
570 Igor Holdaiy
571 Lee Thomas
572 Jeremy Yankey
573 Marvin Raphael
574 Abraham Korotki
575 John Loftstrom
576 Mark Schumacher
577 Shannon Shore
578 Ray Walters
579 Steve Davis
580 Owen McKinney
581 Robert Price
582 Steven King
583 Brian Ernst
584 Ed Dupont
585 Brian Jacobs
586 Donald Smith
587 Noah Jefferson
588 Peter Harter
589 Tony Ma
590 Bob Feduniak
591 Phil Long
592 Chan Nguyen
593 Nate McCrary
594 Odd Lavik
595 Rick Seward
11:45pm... Recent Elimination: Dario Minieri is out. Dario pushed all in with A-K and Dimitri flopped a set with 3-3. Dario Minieri, the Magic player from Rome (who CardPlayer had listed as Roma Dario for three days) has been elimianted. Dimitri is in control with 770K. He's the first player to reach 3/4 million in chips.
The following players won $22,266:
551 Nikhil Patel
552 Darrell Tipton
553 Chris Truong
554 Toby Mohler
555 Tomoyoki Otsawa
556 Jonathan Huang
557 Steve Binkert
558 Adrian Pitt
559 David Koffelt
560 Vik Kanwar
561 Alex Brigante
562 Sol Bergren
563 Patrick Bueno
564 Mike Suza
565 Khalid Dghaim
566 Dwayne Weum
567 Bluno Jais
11:50pm... Funny Quote: Tom Murphy heard this one while he was sweating one of his Irish players. One guy sucked out on another after the kid made a horrible call preflop and post flop. The pissed off player stormed off before he bared at the kid, "Where the fuck do you play? Party Poker?"

12:00am... Dimitri Young Nobles took a hit. He's got 540K. Rizen is on a run. he's second in chips.

12:03am... Recent Eliminations: A few more including Tony Bloom and John Gale.
The following players won $22,266:
505 James Jordan, Jr.
506 Huy Quach
507 Jeremy Scheeringa
508 Peter Sun
509 Michael Casella
510 Joe Goott
511 Jonas Hausson
512 Tony Bloom
513 Thomas Pullen
514 Victor Ramos
515 Howard Canowitz
516 Jeff Freedman
517 Gaetano Logrande
518 Steve Edwards
519 Russ Boutin
520 Bradford Davenport
521 Matt Giannetti
522 John Gale
523 Egil Vehusheia
524 Melanie Kaye
525 Henrik Waltersson
526 Joseph Cordi
527 Serey Heng
528 Freddy Vaghefi
529 Edward Atanasio
530 Steve Strouse
531 Joe Canouse
532 Derek Fujimoto
533 Gary DeBernardi
534 Mike White
535 David John
536 Corlan Chinn
537 Andy Johnson
538 Michael Leanos
539 Thomas Gates
540 Michael Esposito
541 Ramesh Bavireddy
542 Robin Lacey
543 Dario Minieri
544 Frank Allen
545 Scott Roberds
546 Andrew Leonard
547 Thomas Hammers
548 Jeffrey Weil
549 David Rusow
550 Chris Barncastle
12:22am... We're playing 34 more minutes tonight and that's it. Stormy is hold on with 31K. Tom McEvoy has 125K Ryan has a little over 100K. There's about 500 or so players left and everyone left is super tired. Despite the day off, this has been one of the most exhausting days so far at the WSOP.

12:30am... Joe Hachem has under 90K. He was moved to Ted Forrest's table.

12:50am... Recent Eliminations: The Dragon has been slayed. David Pham hits the rail as more big named pros are dropping like flies. Phil Hellmuth has been hanging around the Rio all day, like that loser college guy who comes by and hangs out at highschool during winter break.
The following players won $26,389:
484 Mark Morgan
485 Adam Geyer
486 Mark Lawlor
487 Gabriel Cook
488 Adam Harter
489 Jame Sipila
490 Rob Jaenicke
491 Eric Deguzman
492 Kevin McBride
493 Layne Black
494 Andrius Tapinas
495 Brandon Wong
496 James Matteucci
497 Brian Curry
498 David "The Dragon" Pham
499 Ashley Hayles
500 Patrick Selin
501 Mark Vecchio
502 Guy Longworth
503 Mark Wellen
504 Griffin Ludwig
1:01am... Play is over for the night. Ryan and Stormy made it to Day 4. There are less than 483 players remaining. Before the day was over, Ryan was moved to the feature table... with Annie Duke and Mark Vos. Ryan has 103K. Dimitri Nobles had $650K to end the day. He's among the chipleaders. David Chui had well over $600K. Joe Hachem has $140K. Action will resume at Noon on Saturday.

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