Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2006 WSOP Championship Final Table

Here's the nine lucky fuckers who are going to try to win $12 million on Thursday.
Chipcounts courtesy of PokerWire:
1 Jamie Gold 26.5M
2 Allen Cunningham 17.7M
3 Richard Lee 11.82M
4 Erik Friberg 9.725M
5 Paul Wasicka 7.97M
6 Doug Kim 6.77M
7 Rhett Butler 4.815M
8 Michael Binger 3.14M
9 Dan Nassif 2.84M
I'll be back on Thursday at 2pm with semi-live blogging updates and even some photos. I'm rooting for Allen Cunningham. Flipchip picked him to win before the WSOP began.

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