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WSOP Main Event Day 4
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Remaining Players: 483
Chipleader: Jon Lane $654K
Avg. Stack: $182K
Number of Entries: 8,773
Total Prize Money: $82,512,162
Harrah's Cut: $5,217,838

Top 10 Chipcounts:
1. Jon Lane $654,000
2. Dmitri Nobles $650,000
3. Albert Padilla $640,000
4. David Chiu $632,000
5. William Thorson $628,000
6. Alex Balandin $621,000
7. Lars Bonding $586,000
8. Thomas Wahlroos $558,500
9. Eric Molina $558,500
10. Debra Lawlor $555,000

Eric "Rizen" Lynch $541,000
Jason Strasser $483,000
Aaron Bartley $441,000
Humberto Brenes $362,000
Allen Cunningham $278,000
Jeffrey Lisandro $236,000
Annie Duke $180,000
Hoyt Corkins $163,000
Joe Hachem $139,000
Ted Lawson $135,000
Tom McEvoy $130,000
Kathy Liebert $126,000
Ryan Kallberg $103,000
Mark Vos $96,500
Casey Kastle $95,500
Daniel Negreanu $93,500
Ted Forrest $78,000
Surinder Sunar $71,500
Cecilia Mortensen $48,500
Allen Rash $43,000
Cyndy Violette $42,000
Susie Isaacs $23,500
Melissa Hayden $16,000
Adam Stormwind $13,500
On Friday, 1,159 player started out with dreams of making the money. By the end of the day, 873 of them were the lucky ones when the money bubble burst just before dinner break.

Here's a list of random pros that were busted yesterday: Josh Arieh, The Quiet Lion Richard Brodie, Carlos Mortensen, Matt Maroon, Phil Ivey, Layne Flack, My main man Freddy Deeb, Nam Le, Stuart "Donator" Patterson, Peter "Nordberg" Feldman, Paul Wolfe, Darrell Dicken, Tony Ma, Bob Fednuiak, Dario Minieri, Tony Bloom, David "The Dragon" Pham and John Gale. Blogger Tuscaloosa Johnny Kampis also busted out, but made the money.

Day 3 ended way past midnight with 483 players remaining. Of course that's not a hard/real number. The stats and info here are so skewed that it's hard to trust anyone. Harrah's sends out one set of stats. CardPlayer and PokerWire have different ones. The all have different agendas. Who do you trust?

ESPN and Harrah's doesn't care about the accuracy of those sorts of data. If they did, they would do a better job of providing those numbers to the rest of the media and to the public. It's important to us in the media and to friends and family at home following their loved ones online. I look like an ass if I report to Fox Sports that 483 players are left when there are 481. Same goes for other outlets and writers under deadline. Heck, the AP reported that Jesus Ferguson was still playing, when in fact our buddy and fellow blogger Ryan K. busted him way before dinner break. The official stat keepers had Jesus on their chipcounts well into the night.

"I think these chipcounts are wrong," one of the Image Masters photographers said to me just moments ago. "This is weird."

The emails and comments from family members of people still in the tournament are increasing everyday. Their loved ones are being overlooked by the official stat keepers, which is sad. If you are not Allen Cunningham or went to college with someone at CardPlayer, then you most likely won't get covered.

Heck, it's normal for me by now. That's the real juicy story of the WSOP and is sadly overshadowing several players who are playing the best poker of their lives, like a young gun like Jason Strasser or even Annie Duke, who's shrugged off a horrible 2006 WSOP and is making a legit run for the $12M first place prize.

When I get two different numbers told to me, I just average the two and pray I'm somewhat close. Heck, if I was covering the Yankees game, I'd know at the end of the day that the Yanks beat the Blue Jays 5-4. MLB cooperates with the media. But at the WSOP those numbers are blurry. My theory is that they (the Harrah's/ESPN/CardPlayer Junta) don't want to relay all that info because then no one would watch the final table on TV. That's absurd. Otis calls that "checkbook journalism." Everyone is gonna know who wins anyway... and poker fans will want to watch it regardless if they already know the results before hand. So why be greedy with those stats?

OK, my mini-rant is over. I just want to do the best possible job and running around for several hours every day trying to confirm rumors and get real numbers is a waste of time and energy. I could better use that covering the main event instead of tracking down the TD or Nolan Dalla.

Players left today are trying to make it to Day 5. They're also trying to jump up in levels. Here's the payout numbers that might get hit today.
127-189 - $47,006
190-252 - $42,882
253-315 - $38,759
316-378 - $34,636
379-441 - $30,512
442-504 - $26,389
Today should be interesting as the last remaining pros try to outlast several hundred internet qualifiers. Stay tuned.

* * * * * Semi-Live Blogging Updates * * * * *

12:01pm... Cards are in the air. Stormy is sitting next to Joe Hachem. Dimitri Nobles is at the featured TV table.

12:15pm... Recent eliminations: Dan Heimiller lost a race. His Ace-face lost to a small pair. Mellissa Hayden went out with A-J. Stormy is also out. I must say that Adam "Stormy" Stormwind held on to dear life yesterday. With 30K in chips he made it to the money and hung tough all night long. An impressive run for someone with no chips.

12:20pm... Cyndy Violette doubled up early with A-A.

12:23pm... I was kicked out of the tournament area for having a red badge. I lost floor access unless I get an escort. "What good is it?" one media rep said. "I guess I'll just wipe my ass with it."

12:35pm... WSOP Photo Dump: This might be the last batch of photos I can take. Enjoy them. Click on the photos to see an enlarged view.


Joe Hachem & Stormy

Hiemiller's bust out hand

B&W Photo of the day

NeverWin Poker's Bryan Micon

Ted's stare down

Cyndy from last night's action

Byron and Johnny Chan playing in the $1.5K NL

1:01pm... Recent Elimiantion: Susie Isaacs is out. Ryan K. is also out in 410th place. He lost to K-10 with As-8s. The board was A-J-x-Q with two diamonds. He said, "I went an entire WSOP without getting aces."

1:20pm... Pass the Sugah Update: Joe Hachem doubled up with A-Qs. He flopped trips and rivered a flush. He's up to $240K.

1:45pm... Recent Eliminations: Cyndy Violette, Mark Vos, Alex Todd, David Daneshgar, Ted Forrest, Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, Tom McEvoy, and Hoyt Corkins are all out. The field is going fast. 350 players remain.
The following players won $30,512:
379 - Steve Whitman
380 - Derek Payne
381 - Lynne Mitchnick
382 - Tim Lahey
383 - Jordan Rich
384 - Remco Van Den Berg
385 - Frank Kohutek
386 - Dodet Daniel
387 - David Kanesky
388 - Steven Younes
389 - Chau Vu
390 - Michael Katz
391 - Alan Sass
392 - Jose Velador
393 - Jon Duston
394 - Larry Fichter
395 - Michael Katz
396 - Allyn Jaffrey Shulman
397 - Thomas Koo
398 - Kevin Brown
399 - Andrew Palmer
400 - Cyndy Violette
401 - Mike Landers
402 - John Coito
403 - Jason Richards
404 - Aaron Gard
405 - Corey Marsh
406 - Farhang Ebadipour
407 - Joseph Lovelady
408 - Ted Forrest
409 - Peter Giordano
410 - Ryan Kallberg
411 - Gavin McKay
412 - David Daneshgar
413 - Terry Menezes
414 - Eugene Yanayt
415 - Tom Macey
416 - Hertzel Zaleski
417 - Michael Jensen
418 - Kelly Fitzsimmons
419 - Vinod Jaden
420 - David Greeley
421 - James Peera
422 - Daniel VanVerth
423 - Michael Hurley
424 - Susie Isaacs
425 - Michael Rawls
426 - Sean Carey
427 - Nathan Raskin
428 - Feming Chan
429 - Soren Jensen
430 - Ernie Shepherd
431 - Terris Preston
432 - Rolgues Rodriguez
433 - Steven Cathcart
434 - Chad Freid
435 - Spike Gallas
436 - Ernie Gormaz
437 - Walter Novelli
438 - Magnus Peterson
439 - Marc Machuga
440 - Josh Taylor
441 - Casey Peters

The following players won $26,389:
442 - Jay Jaffe
443 - Tony Ernd
444 - Lawrence Frye
445 - Paul Sokolof
446 - Alex Todd
447 - David Eller
448 - Darus Suharto
449 - Clay Manley
450 - Robert Osborne
451 - Jim Deitz
452 - Paul Seus
453 - Jan Su
454 - Rob Corruthers
455 - Adam Stormwind
456 - Jose Varela
457 - Mark Vos
458 - Genci Shehu
459 - Mike Sullivan
460 - Fred Shaffer
461 - Stephen Woolley
462 - Rob Zimmar
463 - John Jabbovr
464 - Charles Hurley
465 - Spencer Carrington
466 - Jonathan Tare
467 - Martin Wendt
468 - Paul Kitsos
469 - Andy Martinez
470 - Peter Antill
471 - Ryan Mckonian
472 - Stephen Birkett
473 - Michael Brody
474 - Michael Benedetto
475 - Nabaui Abdoliam
476 - Melissa Hayden
477 - Young Hahn
478 - Greg Varoz
479 - Daniel Heimiller
480 - David Filippi
481 - Dennis January
2:00pm... PokerStars guys are making a move. Rizen has over 500K. Humberto Brenes has $50K. Jason Strasser is up past $600K. Dimitri Nobles slipped to 226K at the feature table. Annie Duke has $340K. Daniel Negreanu has around $160K. Joe Hachem slipped to $180K going into the break.

2:20pm... Disgruntled Employees: I went to the kitchen tent to grab a $6 cheeseburger. Two Harrahs suits skipped me in line (because they can) and then ordered for like 7 or 8 people! I was pretty pissed off but as I waited for my burger, I eavesdropped on their conversation. They were trashing some of the floor people saying that some didn't have the temperment to work the WSOP. They also commented on how several floor guys make irrational decisions. Well, they should have booted these guys before the WSOP main event began. At least they are realize what's going on. I don't want everyone to get the impression that everyone working the WSOP is terrible. Most of them are very good and put up with a ton of shit. But the few that are subpar are the ones that the players are complaining about. That reflects poorly on the entire staff. I spoke to one dealer last night. He said, "I'm only giving out what I get back. Which is nothing."

2:30pm... Be right back. Wil and I scored an interview with Tom McEvoy.

3:00pm... Recent Eliminations: More bustouts coming fast. I can't keep up. Surrinder Sumar busted out when his K-K were snapped off by A-K. Chad Layne and Ceclia Reyes Mortensen are also out.
The following players won $34,636:
316 Chad Layne
317 Larry Etherington
318 Brendan Lynch
319 Matt Graham
320 Robert Newton
321 Derek Feldman
322 Frank Rasile
323 Steve Frasure
324 Surinder Sunar
325 Ed Blount
326 Danny Lenehan
327 Richard Lewis
328 Steve Conway
329 Lee Pierce
330 Dennis Richardson
331 Manuel Labandeira
332 Bo Sehlstedt
333 Robert Sanchez
334 Roy Goulet
335 Vince Fredrick
336 Chris Anderson
337 Daniel Pickle
338 Steve Williams
339 James Scherer
340 Mel Podaima
341 David Hong
342 Patrick Sullivan
343 Joseph Bachar
344 Daniel Pelletier
345 Aaron Clark
346 Robert Kozik
347 Mathiau Weissman
348 Sidney Hasson
349 Daniel O'Brien
350 William Hill
351 Jeremiah Reagan
352 Mario Rodriguez
353 Matt Novak
354 James Crowshaw
355 Bob Lavsen
356 Joseph Sanders
357 Marlis Sawicki
358 John Villanueva
359 Cal Namihira
360 Chris Eversole
361 Ramesh Hulgalle
362 Rob Dewildt
363 Johnny Sanchez
364 Hoyt Corkins
365 Jack Wooden
366 Oscar Grytdahl
367 David Cai
368 Randle Wit
369 Peter Falk
370 Cameron Jones
371 Tom McEvoy
372 Jon Oda
373 Ole Busborg
374 Cecelia Reyes
375 Mike Hamparsomian
376 Erin Hatcher
377 Wil Wilkinson
378 Corey Hudson
3:50pm... Kyle Bowker is the first Million Dollar Man at the WSOP. He has 1.1M. Joe Hachem is up to 260K.

4:10pm... Dimitri Nobles is back up to 860K. Bryan Micon doubled up and has 225K.

4:20pm... Smoke break.

4:45pm... Recent Eliminations: A few more bustouts.
The following players won $38,759:
289 Gunnar Fenes
290 Scott Ritchey
291 Brian Doyle
292 Martin Virgen
293 Jogi Karamshi
294 Brad Klieuer
295 James Cartee
296 Sanjiv Karnataki
297 Vlad Artamonon
298 Rene Mouritsen
299 Melandro Alina
300 Thomas Kingo
301 Mike Stephens
302 Ron Toledo
303 Vincent Ianuzzi
304 Robert Hreljac
305 George Danzer
306 Cesar Giralt
307 Steven Schulman
308 Rafael Comas
309 Vissilios Maniotis
310 Adam Waldron
311 Steve Boyle
312 Robert Romanello
313 Johan Koops
314 Igor Trafane
315 Hans "Tuna" Lund
5:05pm... Random chipcounts:
Kyle Bowker 1.14M
Dmitri Nobles 904.5K
Humberto Brenes 550K
Eric "Rizen" Lynch 450K
Dave Chui 420K
Annie Duke 408K
Allen Cunningham 310K
Joe Hachem 300K
Bryan Micon 280K
Jason Strasser 203K
Kathy Liebert 65K
Daniel Negreanu 60K
5:11pm... Players have returned from a break. We're on Level 18 and the blinds are $3K/$6K with $1K antes. The $500 chips were raced off at the break. Two more hours until I can drown my pain in liquor at the Hooker Bar.

5:15pm... Rick Solomon, the guy slamming Paris Hilton in her sex video, is up to 770K after he won a race with A-K.

5:30pm... Recent Elimination: Kathy Liebert is out. Sorry Daddy.
The following players earned $38,759:
265 Derek Jibb
266 Rob Acton
267 Andrew Fennewald
268 Josh Newborn
269 Josh Ewing
270 David Angel
271 Roy Thung
272 Michael Lynn
273 Lars Bonding
274 Kenny Robbins
275 Kathy Liebert
276 Clayton Mozdzen
277 Greg Giannokostas
278 Tom Theineman
279 Andrew Brokos
280 Bill Gustafik
281 Paul Radcliffe
282 Johan Wemmenhag
283 Jon Hoellein
284 Christopher Szucay
285 Jared Lissauer
286 Peter Rho
287 Gunnar Rabe
288 Sonny Lee
6:00pm... Jason Strasser is having a tough day. He had A-A cracked by A-Ks when his opponent caught a runner runner flush. he just had 10-10 snapped off by 9-9. He's down to 90K.

6:10pm... Irish Update: According to my source Luckyblind Lacey from Antes Up, Dave "Wildy Autistic Luckbox" Murray is 4th in chips overall. He's a ex-dealer from Dublin and has been playing for two years. He has the highest IQ as anyone else in the room. He's a genius and likes to gamble. "Kalooki" Don Fagan is still in the mix after he tripled up to 600K. He used to play with Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson back in the day (which is the 1980s). He took 3rd at the first WPT Bahamas event.

"If I lose $100 on an Irish prop bet, I'm gonna be so pisssed off. Sooooo pissed off," Otis said after he heard about the run of the Irish. The bet is a PokerStars qualifier will finish higher than any Irish player. If an Irish player qualified on Stars... it's a push.

6:18pm... Recent Elimination: Joe Hachem is out in 238th place. His A-A were cracked by J-J, when someone flopped a set. Joe looked devastated. He walked off the floor, almost in tears, as the room gave him a loud applause. "What kind of fuckin' world do we live in when Rick Solomon outlasts Joe Hachem?" Wil said when he heard the bad news.

2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem

6:35pm... Recent Eliminations: Paul Sexton is out. We're down to 230 players. Here's a list of bustouts.
The following players won $42,882:
238 Joe Hachem
239 Golser Markus
240 Arsenio Arbartig
241 Nathan Brooks
242 Brian Hallows
243 Tran Thanhdat
244 Dave Golder
245 Elie Said
246 Brendan Lewis
247 Harry Binck
248 Mike Hirsch
249 Darryl Dare
250 Joe Fuhrinan
251 Marcus Collins
252 Andras Karkus

The following players won $38,759:
253 Paul Vola
254 Francisco Fragoso
255 Leland Wolff
256 Paul Sexton
257 Michael Tait
258 Paul Nobles
259 David Zeitlin
260 Larry Levin
261 Akshay Kumar
262 Brian Mozzoni
263 Monte Hanson
264 Vaughn Sandman
6:45pm.... Strasser is back up to 250K. Humberto Brenes has 600K. Make sue you read my article on PokerStars Blog called... The Shark Smells Blood.

6:50pm... Recent Elimination: Daniel Negreanu is out.
The following players earned $42,882:
215 Adam Bragar
216 Chris Martin
217 William Robertie
218 John Hoang
219 Gary Nasaryan
220 Brett Mayers
221 Chris George
222 Sean Le
223 Dan Ostroff
224 Jeff Lambert
225 Ken Weiner
226 Rob Lederer
227 Nord Foster
228 Adam Jones
229 Daniel Negreanu
230 Travis Johnecheck
231 Michael Batherwich
232 Michael Martin
233 Robert Santos
234 Pat Madden
235 Tuan Nguyen
236 Jeff Parcher
237 Ryan Claar
7:05pm... I'm heading out for dinner break at the Tilted Kilt.

8:48pm... Back from break at the Tilted Kilt. One of my biggest fans Moose stopped by and bought us all drinks.

Hanging with Otis and the Tilted Kilt waitresses
Photo courtesy of CJ

8:50pm... We're on Level 19. Blinds are $4K/$8K and $1K antes.

9:20pm... Recent Eliminations: We have several more bustouts. Gary Jones, Rick Solomon, and Ted Lawson are out. Rick Solomon was busted by the Hilton Sisters. Fitting. He's the guy with the small penis in the Paris Hilton video.
The following players earned $47,006:
178 Richard Digiorgio
179 Tony Bodnar
180 Russell Barnes
181 Nancy Nguyen
182 Zachery Gregg
183 Sameer Fayad
184 Alex Azadpeyma
185 Rob Ireland
186 Chris Combs
187 Tobin Dreher
188 Bill Rector
189 Richard Barstow

The following players won $42,882:
190 Martin Feijo
191 Michael Arents
192 Alan Barnacle
193 Christine Wilson
194 Huy Nguyen
195 Mark Zajdner
196 Rick Solomon
197 Mats Batnes
198 George Dunst
199 Andres Korn
200 Jon Lane
201 Shane Fumerton
202 Jeff Lewis
203 Peter Hedlund
204 Devin Porter
205 Richard Clark
206 Gary Jones
207 Matthew Zimmerman
208 Samir Zoudo
209 Ted Lawson
210 Matthew Dipaoli
211 Keir Fitz-Gibbon
212 Michael Kingsbury
213 Al Stephenson
214 Christopher Budak
10:00pm... Jamie Gold is the first player over $2 million. He flopped a full house against Mike McClain. Now he jumped over $3 million. He's the first player to go over two and three million. Humberto Brenes has $740K.

10:30pm... Recent Elimination: Jason Strasser is out. The kid took two bad beats today, and still hung on past the dinner break.
The following players won $47,006:
169 Jason Strasser
170 Ed Fernandez
171 Mike McClain
172 Ryan Nathan
173 Galen Kester
174 Kilian Druml
175 Jim D'Ambrosio
176 James Kerr
177 Bucky McMillan
11:00pm... We're on Level 20. The blinds are $5K/$10K with $1K antes.

11:15pm... Recent Eliminations: Action slowed down a bit, but we have few more.
The following players won $47,006:
155 Russell Davies
156 David Penly
157 Whitney Blanton
158 Andy Donovan
159 Randy Gil
160 Robert Isakson
161 Justin Ghogomu
162 Drew Tranton
163 Michael Hogbom
164 Phi Nguyen
165 Charles Kuruzovich
166 Sergey Feklisov
167 Ian Kalman
168 Brenton Goulding
11:30pm... Allen Cunningham doubled up with Big Slick against A-8. He has $370K.

11:45pm... Recent Eliminations: A couple of more guys busted. Originally we were scheduled to play down to 300 tonight and 150 on Sunday night. We are way ahead of schedule. Nolan Dalla said that we'd play as many levels as we can and try to end early on Tuesday,, or if possible have a day off on Wednesday.
The following players won $47,006:
148 Mike Hwang
149 Albert Padilla
150 Katherine Hartree
151 Todd Hartgrove
152 Scott Lidji
153 Paul Shoquist
154 Hoang Nguyen
12:20am... Recent Eliminations: David Chiu is out.
The following players won $47,006:
140 Josef Macek
141 Jeremy Mitchell
142 Whitney Brayton
143 David Ventura
144 Peter Placey
145 Hrag Kapooshian
146 Reza Zand
147 David Chiu
1:00am... Action will be ending in less than 15 minutes. Allen Cunningham is up to $325K. Humberto Brenes is on the feature table.

1:20am... Recent Eliminations: Aaron Bartley is out.
136 Marius Hogtun
137 Aaron Bartley
138 Scott Byron
139 Moshe Jonish
1:30am... Play is over for tonight. There are 135 players remaining including Humberto Brenes and Allen Cunningham. Brenes has $835K. Rizen has $1.085M. Dimitri Nobles has $1.27M. Jamie Gold has a a little under $3.5M. Play will resume at Noon on Sunday.

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