Thursday, January 19, 2006

Silver Pauly and On the Road

The Nerd is at double Platinum (20K) right now on Poker Stars. So I feel extremely inadequate with SilverStar status. Alas, I'll take it. I reached 1500 VIP points around Tuesday night. I don't think I can make it to Gold (4K VIP), especially with work this week.

Congrats to Bad Blood who won Wil Wheaton's Tuesday tourney on Poker Stars. Also, congrats to facty for winning a MTT on Full Tilt. Lastly congrats to Chris Fargis from 21 Outs who won a Triple Draw WSOP circuit event in Tunica!

Don't forget the WPBT HORSE tourney on Full Tilt on Friday night.

A bum was pandhandling on the corner of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue (click link to see a pic). I gave the guy $2, then I won $200 on Poker Stars. Coincidence? Yesterday I didn't hand out $1 bills to homeless people and I lost. Hmmmm.... I spot a trend here.

I'm heading to Atlantic City one day early hope to get some table time at the Borgata. First event starts on Friday. See you there.

Recent Update!!

5:44pm... I arrived in Atlantic City before around 11AM and played a few hours of poker. I won $8 playing $6/$12. I checked into my room on the 40th floor. The view is spectacular with the ocean and all the boardwalk casinos all in front of me. The Borgata treats their employees/contractors very well. I also have a free pass to the empolyees dining area. Free food. The black forrest cake rocked. Work is done for today and I'll be back around 11 AM on Friday for hourly live blogging updates.

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