Thursday, January 26, 2006

Borgata Winter Open: Event #7 Ladies NL and Event #6 $1,500 NL Day 2 & Final Table

We're back for action at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City. Today is a special day... it's the Ladies Event where some of the best female poker players are at the Borgata looking to take down Event #7.

I apologize for any technical difficulties that the Tao of Poker encountered last night. Unfortunately, I ran into one problem that duct tape couldn't solve! Not to fear, everything is back to normal.

The friendly staff here is running single table and multi-table satellites around the clock upstairs in the ballroom along with a daily Second Chance MTT cash tournament. With several juicy cash games are going on downstairs in the main poker room, the Borgata is the place to be over the next week. And every day there are two different Winter Poker Open tournaments ongoing, so sure to take a peek at the Super Satellite Schedule along with the Winter Poker Open Schedule of events.

Here's a quick link to the Borgata's SNG information. Plus this Saturday is Super Satellite Day, so if you want to get into the $10K main event for a lot cheaper, stop by Saturday to play in one of the sats.

Several pros have been trickling into the Borgata over the past 24-48 hours. Kathy Liebert, Andy Black, David Levi, and Joanne Liu have all popped into the ballroom to play in different sattelittes and events. I expect more to come over the next few days. Plus, 2005 WSOP main event runner up, Steve Dannemann, cashed in two consecutive events. He's currently second in chips in Event #6, which will conclude today 2pm.

Last night, L.A. native David Daneshgar took down Event #5 $1K NL and walked away with a bracelet.

David Daneshgar (Los Angeles, CA)
Event #5 $1K Winner - $110,410

Today I'm covering two events. They are color coded to help you follow everything.
Event #6 $1,500 NL = Red font
Event #7 Ladies $300 NL = Black font
***** Live Blogging Updates *****

11:10am... Event #7 Ladies NL: Cards are in the air. Players start with $3K in chips. Levels are one hour in length and there are about 273 players in today's event.

1:15pm... Event #7 Ladies NL: Players are on a break. Kathy Liebert is playing in today's event.

Here are some photos from today's Ladies event:

A fan of the Tao of Poker!

Kathy Liebert ponders a call.

2:00pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: Day 2 is starting soon. Steve Dannemann is second in chips and Action Bob was shortstacked most of yesterday and hung on to make it to the final two tables.
Event #6 End of Day 1 chipcounts:
1. Andrew Rasskamm 232K
2. Steve Dannemann 176K
3. Chris Tarrantino 139K
4. Charlie Minter 135K
5. Robert "Action Bob" Hwang 113K
6. Konstantius "Charlie" Katikakis 112K
7. Joe Koons 105K
8. Russell Fox 103K
9. Lee Biars 98K
10. Michael Mella 96K
11. Eli Bobker 90K
12. Tom Cope 88K
13. Chris Klein 75K
14. Vito Masi 73K
15. John Albright 53K
16. Adam Green 23K
2:40pm... Event $6 $1,500 NL update: We're down to 12 players. Vito Masi and his A-Q ran into Big Slick and he took 13th place.
Recent Eliminations:
16. John Albright III (Aurora, IL) $2,745
15. Michael Mella (Armonk, NY) $3,660
14. Adam Green (Reston, VA) $3,660
13. Vito Masi (Latham, NY) $3,660
3:15pm... Event $6 $1,500 NL final table update: We're down to 9 players and a final table! Action Bob is the chipleader. Chris Tarrantino suffered a brutal river suck out. He flopped a set of aces with A-A and Charlie Minter called his all in bet on the flop with A-9. Minter caught a runner runner straight to send Tarrantino to the rail. "It was horrendous," he said as he walked away in disgust.
Recent Bustouts:
12. Chris Tarrantino (Dix Hills, NY) $4,758
11. Joe Koons (Anapolis, MD) $4,758
10. Chris Klien (Blue Anchor, NJ) $4,758

Event #6 Final Table:
Seat 1: Action Bob Hwang 273K
Seat 2: Tom Cope 225K
Seat 3: Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis 174K
Seat 4: Eli Bobker 198K
Seat 5: Russ Fox 59K
Seat 6: Steve Dannemann 196K
Seat 7: Lee Biars 181K
Seat 8: Charlie Minter 245K
Seat 9: Andrew Rosskamm 160K

Event #6 Final Table

3:45pm... Event #7 Ladies NL update: There are 119 women left on 12 tables.

4:00pm... Event #6 $1,500 final table update: Eli Bobker from Lawrence, NY was busted when his A-J lost to Action Bob's Hilton Sisters. Queens were good and Eli Bobker was eliminated in 9th place. He won $10,980. Action Bob is the chipleader.

Eli Bobker (Lawrence, NY) - 9th Place

4:20pm... Event #6 $1,500 final table update: Action Bob doubled up Russ Fox's shortstack when he lost a race with 9-9 against A-Q. Fox flopped a Queen and his hand held up.

5:00pm... Event #6 $1,500 final table update: Steve Dannemann was eliminated in 8th place when he ran into a set of 5s with Q-J after he flopped top pair. He won $10,980.

Steve Dannemann (Severn, MD) - 8th Place $10,980

5:15pm... Event #6 $1,5000 final table update: Action Bob Hwang got crippled when his J-J lost to Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis' A-K. Action Bob was out on the next hand and won $18,300.

Action Bob Hwang (Clark, NJ) - 7th Place

5:35pm... Event #6 $1,5000 final table update: Lee Biars from baltimore busted out n 6th place when he moved all in with the shortstack. His K-J lost to Charlie Minter's A-Js. Biars won $18,300.00.

Lee Biars (Baltimore, MD) - 6th Place
Updated Chipcount:
1. Tom Cope 541K
2. Charlie Minter 420K
3. Konstantin Katikakis 280K
4. Andrew Rosskamm 266K
5. Russ Fox 186K
5:43pm... Event #6 $1,5000 final table update: Rus Fox and his short stack were all in with K-K. Chipleader Tom Cope called with Q-Q. He flopped a Queen to the dismay of Fox who begged the dealer for a King. On the river, one of his two outs spiked. Fox doubled up against Cope.

5:45pm... Event #7 Ladies NL update: The women are on a dinner break. There are 69 players on 7 tables. Kathy Liebert has been out for a while.

6:00pm... Event #6 $1,5000 final table update: Tom Cope was eliminated in 5th place when his A-K did not hold up against Charlie Minter's K-K. Cope won $21,960.

Tom Cope (Westport, CT) - 5th Place

6:30pm... Event #6 $1,5000 final table update: Players went on a break.
Updated Chipcount:
1. Charlie Minter 641K
2. Russ Fox 541K
3. Andrew Rosskamm 347K
4. Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis 182K
7:15pm... Event #7 Ladies NL: We're down to 49 players on 5 tables. The top 27 players win prize money.
Event #7 Ladies NL Payout:
1. $25,104
2. $14,175
3. $7,695
4. $5,670
5. $4,860
6. $4,050
7. $3,240
8. $2,430
9. $1,620
10-12. $1,053
12-15. $810
16-18. $608
19-27. $527
8:00pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL final table update: Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis doubled up with A-K against Charlie "Rummy" Minter's A-J. Katikakis flopped an King and it held up.
1. Charlie Minter 850K
2. Konstantin Katikakis 565K
3. Andrew Rosskamm 350K
4. Rus Fox 165K
8:10pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL final table update: Rus Fox's K-9 doubled up against Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis 3-3 when he flopped a nine. On the next hand, Andrew Rosskamm's A-4 doubled up against Charlie Minter's K-J. Rosskamm took over the chiplead.

8:20pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL final table update: Charlie Minter was eliminated in 4th place by Rus Fox. Minter raised all in preflop with A-J. Rus Fox though about it for a while and called with Ac-10c. He caught runner runner clubs for a flush to bust Minter who won $25,620.

Charlie Minter (Yardly, PA) - 4th Place

8:30pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL final table update: Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis doubled up with K-J against Russell Fox's A-7 when he flopped a King. two hands later, Russell Fox was eliminated in 3rd place when his A-7 lost to Katikakis's 5-5. Fox won $34,770 for third place. Katikakas has a $1.15M to 550K chiplead.

Russell Fox (Gates Mills, OH) - 3rd Place

Heads up

8:45pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL final table update: Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis beat Andrew Rosskamm heads up to win Event #6! Both players were all in preflop. Charlie had A-10 to Andrew's A-9. Charlie flopped a ten and it was all over. Rosskamm won $64,050 and Charlie Katikakis won $113,460.

Andrew Rosskamm (New York, NY) - 2nd Place

Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis (Boston, MA)
Event #6 $1,500 NL Champion - $113,460

Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis is from Boston. He hasn't played too many live tournaments but won a few online. He came from behind to win Event #6 and the gold bracelet. Congrats to Charlie!!

9:00pm... Event #7 Ladies NL update: We're down to three tables. We're approaching the money bubble which is my buddy Otis' favorite time for any tournament. Stay tuned for a list of money winners.

11:15pm... Event #7 Ladies NL update: We're down to 17 players on two tables.
Money Winners & Recent Eliminations:
27. Jennifer Lictenwalter (Gales Ferry, CT) $527
26. Monique Sutlovich (Lake Hiawatha, NJ) $527
25. Grazynat Olszewski (Jackson Heights, NY)
24. Janice McCaffrey (Jackson, NJ) $527
23. Kimberly Gerchak (Englishton, NJ) $527
22. Ruth Ruffman (Colts Neck, NJ) $527
21. Kelly Call Beck (La Plata, MD) $527
20. Cynthia Beck Spragur (WInterville, NC) $527
19. Lisa Strippoli (Lindenhurst, NY) $527
18. Lisa Colesanti (New York, NY) $608
12:15am... Event #7 Ladies NL update: We're down to 12 players.
Recent Bustouts:
17. Elizabeth Watson (Fairfax, VA) $608
16. Mary Smith (Langhorne, PA) $608
15. Kelly Chasmer (Little Egg Harbor, NY) $810
14. Margot Revera (Green Brook, NJ) $810
13. Frances Bartolone (Robbinsville, NJ) $810
12:30am... Event #7 Ladies NL update: We're down to 10 players!!! Action has be suspended and will concluded tomorrow at 2pm.
Recent Bustouts:
12. Gina Cannone (Staten Island, NY) $1,053
11. Maria Maldonado (Glloway, NJ) $1,053

Ladies Event Final Table Players with Chipcounts:
1. Sherece Gasaway 146.5K
2. Louise Francoeur 129K
3. Heather Sue Mercer 102.5K
4. Dolores Talley 98.3K
5. Carey Buck 92.5K
6. Sudha Baxter 63.5K
7. Cuc Dang 58.5K
8. Lua Tran 40K
9. Lisa Treffinger 38K
10. Kelly Petrucci 23K

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