Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Borgata Winter Open: Event #6 $1,500 NL and Event #5 $1K NL Day 2 & Final Table

It's humpday in Atlantic City, which means plenty of poker at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa for the continuation of the Borgata Winter Open. There is exactly one more week of action here and everyday some of your favorite pros are trickling in.

The friendly staff here is running single table and multi-table satellites around the clock upstairs in the ballroom along with a daily Second Chance MTT cash tournament. With several juicy cash games are going on downstairs in the main poker room, the Borgata is the place to be over the next week. And every day there are two different Winter Poker Open tournaments ongoing, so sure to take a peek at the Super Satellite Schedule along with the Winter Poker Open Schedule of events.

Here's a quick link to the Borgata's SNG information.

Don't forget that Thursday morning at 11am is the Ladies NL event.

Saturday is Super Satellite Day for the $10K Championship event.

Last night, the Borgata crowned a new champion. Stephen Benton came from beind to win Event #4 $500 Limit. It was one hell of a run at the final table for Benton. One of his good buddie Action Bob Hwang was on the rail rooting him on to victory.

Stephen Benton (Leesburg, VA)
Event #4 $500 Limit Champion - $52,301

I will be covering two tournaments today including the final table for Event #5. We're down to 16 players in that event and Stuart Bromley from London, England ended yesterday as the chipleader.
Event #5 $1K NL Day 2 & Final Table = Black font
Event #6 $1,500 NL = Red font
***** Live Blogging Update *****

11:10am... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: There are 244 players in this event. Players start with $7K in chips. I spotted Paul Darden, Bill Blanda, Chris Fargis from 21 Outs, Arnold Spee, Action Bob Hwang, and Stephen Benton in today's event.

12:30pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: Stephen Benton, the Event #4 Champion, has just been eliminated.

1:10pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: Players are on a break. I spotted Steve Dannemann, Syracuse Chris, Billy Hill, Dan Weissman, and Tim Dalessandro (Event #4 runner up) in the field today.

1:15pm... Staff Spotlight! Here's some of the friendly and hardworking Borgata staff.

Pete, Judith, and Ron

1:30pm... Event #5 $1K NL update: Action is about 30 minutes away.
Payout Distribution for Event #5:
1. $110,410
2. $60,816
3. $29,503
4. $25,340
5. $21,720
6. $18,100
7. $14,480
8. $10,860
9. $7,240
10-12. $4,706
13-15. $3,620
16-18. $2,534
19-27. $1,810
28-36. $1,629

Event #5 End of Day Chipcounts:
1. Stuart Bromley 245K
2. Tae H. Baik 199K
3. Minh Choe 157K
4. Evan Mandery 142K
5. Randy Hudson 127K
6. Fotios Nicoles 123K
7. Carmine Cutolo 114K
8. Jeff Owen 99K
9. James J. Salters 96K
10. Anthony Priore 89K
11. Rick Austin 87K
12. Denis Ethier 74K
13. Andy Singer 73K
14. Carlos Delafuente 72K
15. David Daneshgar 62K
16. Kurt Sexton 51K
1:45pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: Here are some photos from today's $1,500 NL event...

Chris "Triple Draw" Fargis

Steve Dannemann - 2005 WSOP main event runner-up

Paulie Desalvo (Old Bridge, NJ)

Dan Weissman

2:10pm... Event #5 $1K NL update: Day 2 is underway. We're on Level 13.

Event #5 chipleader: Stuart Bromley (London, England)

2:45pm... Event #5 $1K NL update: Stuart Bromley took a big hit. He doubled up a shortstack when his K-Qs lost to A-K. There are 13 players left.
Recent Eliminations:
16. Richard Austin (Landsdale, PA) $2,534
15. Kurt Sexton (Ft. Myers, FL) $3,620
14. James Salters (Hempstead, NY) $3,620
3:30pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: We're down to 148 players on 15 tables.

4:00pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: We're down to 10 players and a final table after Jeff Owen from Maryland took 11th place. Evan Mandery from Long Island finished in 12th and Randy Hudson from North Carolina took 13th. Carmine Cutolo is the chipleader with 314K. Without a doubt, the North Carolina guys have been kicking butt at the orgata Winter Open. Randy Brown plays with Lance Burton, Rich Marshall, Mike Gracz, and WSOP bracelet winner Denis Ethier. They are all from central North Carolina and it's amazing that a collection of players from that part of the country could produce such amazing players.
Recent Eliminations:
13. Randy Brown (Greenville, NC) $3,620
12. Evan mandery (East Meadow, NY) $4,706
11. Jeff Owen (Harve De Grace, MD) $4,706

Event #5 Final Table Players and Chipcounts:
Seat 1: Andy Singer 159K
Seat 2: Stuart Bromley 163K
Seat 3: David Daneshgat 203K
Seat 4: Carmine "Swami" Cutolo 314K
Seat 5: Denis Ethier 215K
Seat 6: Carlos Delafuente 71K
Seat 7: Minh Choe 106K
Seat 8: Anthony Priore 122K
Seat 9: Tae Baik 208K
Seat 10: Fotios Nicoles from "Team Tic-Toc" 274K
5:15pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: We're down to nine players after Carlos Delafuente was elimianted in 10th place. With 9-9 he lost a race against Fotios Nicoles' Big Slick. Nicoles rivered a King to send Delafuente to the rail. He won $4,706.

Carlos Delauente (Plainview, NY) - 10th Place $4,706

5:20pm... Event #6: $1,500 NL update: 9 tables left. 89 players remaining.

5:15pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: Tae Biak has been eliminated in 8th place. His A-10 lost to Daneshagar's A-K. He won $7,240.

Tae Biak (Englewood, NJ) - 9th place

5:45pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: Harvard grad Andy Singer took down a huge pot when he flopped a set of 5s against Minh Choe's Big Slick. On the next hand, the shortstacked Minh Choe doubled up with K-9s against A-Js.

6:15pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: Englishman (and Tao of Poker reader) Stuart Bromley was eliminated in 8th place. Yesterday's chipleader lost a good amount of his stack after bluffing off some of his chips. After it was folded to him in the small blind he moved all in. Unfortunately, he ran into Dave Daneshagar's A-A. Ouch. Bromley's K-J did not hold up and he won $10,860 for 8th place.

Stuart Bromley (London, England) - 8th Place

6:30pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: Players went on a dinner break.
Updated Chipcount:
1. David Daneshgar 663K
2. Fotios Nicoles 433K
3. Minh Choe 298K
4. Carmine Cutolo 167K
5. Andy Singer 160K
6. Denis Ethier 87K
7. Anthony Priore 27K
7:30pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: Andy Singer was eliminated in 7th place. He moved all in with J-8 and prayed for no callers. Minho Choe called with 9-9 and they held up. Singer won $14,480.

Andy Singer (Edgewater, Md) - 7th Place

7:45pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: An avalanche of bustouts happened and it was hard to keep up! Carmine "Swami" Cutulo from Staten Island was busted in 6th place. He won $18,100. WSOP bracelet winner Denis Ethier from Durham, NC went home in fifth place. He was the shortstack for most of the afternoon and hung on to win $21,720. The other Staten Islander Anthony Priori took 5th place when Dave Daneshgar busted him. He was shortstacked and moved all in with 6-4s. His hand did not hold up and he won $25,340.

Carmine "Swami" Cutulo (Staten Island, NY) - 6th Place

Denis Ethier (Durham, NC) - 5th Place

Anthony Priore (Staten Island, NY) - 4th Place

8:00pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: Minho Choe took 3rd place when his K-Q lost to David Daneshgar's A-Q. Choe is friends with Vinod Vangimalla and Billy Hill. All of them are from Maryland. Choe skipped his first day of classes at the University of Maryland to play in the final table. He's a marketing major and his crew represented Maryland superbly in the first week of the Borgata Winter Open.

Minho Choe (Burtonsville, MD) - 3rd Place

8:15pm... Event #5 $1K NL final table update: Talk about a quick final table! Fotios Nicoles took second place when his two pair lost to David Daneshgar's higher two pair. Daneshgar's A-9 beat out Nicoles 5-9 when they both flopped two pair. Nicoles won $60,816 while Daneshgar will be taking $110,410 back to Los Angeles.

Heads up

Fotios Nicoles (Clifton, NJ) - 2nd Place

David Daneshgar (Los Angeles, CA) - Event #5 $1K Winner - $110,410

8:45pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: 6 tables are left. 57 players are remaining including Action Bob, Steve Dannemann, and Chip Jett.

9:00pm... Bouncin Round the Room: I spotted plenty of pros here playing in the super satellite including Joanne Liu, Russell Rosenbaum, and David Levi. I spotted Andy Black walking around the ballroom area looking into information on super satellites.

11:15pm... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: 29 players on 3 tables remaining. Chip Jett is out.

12:45am.... Event #6 $1,500 NL update: 2 tables left with 19 players. Steve Dannemann is stil alive along with Action Bob. "Paulie the Roofer" from Long Island was the bubble boy. He was shortstacked all night and busted in 28th place when his 9-9 were snapped off by 6-6 and a runner-runner straight despite flopping a set.
Here's a list of money winners and recent bustouts:
27. Mark Schaech $2,379
26. Vincent Napolitano $2,379
25. Vincent Guglucci $2,379
24. Joseph Simmons $2,379
23. Paul Lonardo $2,379
22. Richard Devito $2,379
21. Gregory Henkel $2,379
20. Robert Wisiak $2,379
19. Gary Schoengold $2,379
18.Geoffry Creagh $2,745
17. Wooyung Lin $2,745
1:45am... Action is over for today. Play will resume at 2pm on Thursday. Steve Dannemann is second in chips while Andrew Rasskamm is the chipleader with 232K. At the end of the night, Dannenmann wrote "Having fun!" on his plastic bag when he bagged his chips.
Event #6 End of Day 1 chipcounts:
1. Andrew Rasskamm 232K
2. Steve Dannemann 176K
3. Chris Tarrantino 139K
4. Charlie Minter 135K
5. Robert "Action Bob" Hwang 113K
6. Konstantius Katikakis 112K
7. Joe Koons 105K
8. Russell Fox 103K
9. Lee Biars 98K
10. Michael Mella 96K
11. Eli Bobker 90K
12. Tom Cope 88K
13. Chris Klein 75K
14. Vito Masi 73K
15. John Albright 53K
16. Adam Green 23K

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