Friday, January 27, 2006

Borgata Winter Open: Event #8 $2,500 NL and Event #7 Ladies NL Day 2 & Final Table

It's Friday in Atlantic City! The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is the place to be this weekend for the best poker action featuring some of your favorite pros and local players. So come on down and check out the scene for yourself especially since Borgata is always hopping on a Friday night.

Today features the final table of the Ladies Event where some of the best female poker players are at the Borgata looking to take down Event #7 and the coveted gold bracelet. 270 players began the event yesterday and we're down to the final ten. Also, the $2,500 NL event started and it's going to have the biggest payout so far.

The friendly staff here is running single table and multi-table satellites around the clock upstairs in the ballroom along with a daily Second Chance MTT cash tournament. With several juicy cash games are going on downstairs in the main poker room, the Borgata is the place to be over the next week. And every day there are two different Winter Poker Open tournaments ongoing, so sure to take a peek at the Super Satellite Schedule along with the Winter Poker Open Schedule of events.

Here's a quick link to the Borgata's SNG information. Plus tomorrow is Saturday which is Super Satellite Day, so if you want to get into the $10K main event for a lot cheaper, stop by Saturday to play in one of the sats.

Yesterday the Borgata crowned a new champion. Charlie Katikakis took down Event #6 $1,500 NL after coming from behind to win it all.

Konstantin "Charlie" Katikakis (Boston, MA)
Event #6 $1,500 NL Champion - $113,460

Today I'm covering two events. They will be color coded to help you follow the action.
Event #7 Ladies $300 NL = Black font
Event #8 $2,500 NL = Blue font
***** Live Blogging Updates *****

11:10am... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: Cards are in the air. We have around 365 players in today's event. Players start with $10K in chips! That's a lot of ammo for the players today. Levels are one hour. And first place is going to get at least $250K. Amazing! And this isn't even the main championship event. I spotted Barry Greenstien, David Singer, and Chip Jett playing today. Irishmen Andy Black and Padrig Parkinson are seated at the same table. Local Jimmy Mitchell is also in today's tourney.

1:15pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: It's a who's who here in today's tournament.... Amir Vahedi, Paul Darden, Arnold Spee, Allen Cunningham, Paulie the Roofer, Joanne Liu, Tony Licastro, Denis Ethier, John Phan, David "The Dragon" Pham, Kenna James, Steve Dannemann, The Grinder, and Syracuse Chris are playing today. Action Bob slept through this morning's event! Melissa Hayden has been elimianted.

Here are some photos of Event #8 (click to enlarge):

Joanne Liu and Denis Ethier

Paul "The Truth" Darden

The agony of defeat.

Barry Greenstien

Kenna James

David Singer

It's all about the hat.

Allen Cunningham

NYC's Mizra Nagji and Paulie the Roofer

David "The Dragon" Pham

Hat of the Day

2:00pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: We're a few minutes from action.
Ladies Event Final Table Players with Chipcounts:
1. Sherece Gasaway 146.5K
2. Louise Francoeur 129K
3. Heather Sue Mercer 102.5K
4. Dolores Talley 98.3K
5. Carey Buck 92.5K
6. Sudha Baxter 63.5K
7. Cuc "Cookie" Dang 58.5K
8. Lua Tran 40K
9. Lisa Treffinger 38K
10. Kelly Petrucci 23K

Event #7 Ladies NL Payout:
1. $25,104
2. $14,175
3. $7,695
4. $5,670
5. $4,860
6. $4,050
7. $3,240
8. $2,430
9. $1,620
10. $1,053

Ladies Final Table

2:15pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: We have our first bust out. Carey Buck doubled up Cuc Dang when her 10-10 ran into K-K. She was crippled and was all in a few hands later. Carey Buck's 5-5 ended up dominated by Heather Sue Mercer's 6-6 and she was eliminated in 10th place and won $1,053.

Carey Buck (Stowe, PA) - 10th Place

2:30pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: Lisa Treffinger was crippled when her K-K ran into Lua Tran's A-Ks. Tran turned a straight and rivered a flush. She doubled up and Treffinger was crippled. A few hands later Her K-Q lost to Dolores Talley's 3-3. Lisa Treffinger won $1,620. We're down to 8.

Lisa Treffinger (Columbia, MD) - 9th Place

2:45pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: two more bustouts. Kelly Petrucci took 8th place when she was shortstacked and moved all in with A-5. She ran into Cuc Dang's 8-7s. Dang flopped a seven and Petrucci was sent to the rail. She won $2,430. Heather Sue Mercer's A-J ran into Cuc Dang's A-A and she was busted in 7th place. Mercer won $3,240. We're down to 6.

Kelly Petrucci (Uniontown, PA) - 8th Place

Heather Sue Mercer (Mt. Sinai, NY) - 7th Place

3:00pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: Dolores Talley was eliminated in 6th place. She was victim to Cuc Dang's hot streak. Talley was all in with A-Ks. Dang had A-Js and flopped a Jack to send Talley to the rail. Talley was playing in her first live tournament. Her daughter Gina Cannone took 12th and missed the final table by two spots. We're down to 5 players and Cuc "Cookie" Dang is the chipleader.

Dolores Talley (Staten, Island, NY) - 6th Place

3:10pm... Escalalde Giveaway! If you don't know the Borgata was giving away two Escalades. The winner of the main event gets one and one random person who played in any of the first 8 events had a shot at the other one. The more events you played in, the better your chances. Arthur Azen was today's winner! He goes home with a sleek black Escalade. Congrats Arthur!

Arthur Azen - Winner of one of the Escalades

3:20pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: Sudha Baxter, in her first big tournament, was eliminated in 5th place. She was shortstacked and made a move with 10-4. She had been card dead at the final table and made a stand. Sherece Gasaway reluctantly called with Q-7s. She won with Queen high and Sudha was sent to the rail. She won $4,860 for fifth place after an amazing run. She had just one $500 chip left yesterday and built up her stack to over 10K. Down to four.

Sudha Baxter (Washington, D.C.) - 5th Place

3:30pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: We're down to three players. Lua Tran had her Q-Q snapped off by Cuc Dang's K-J. On a flop of Kd-7d-4s, Tran made a huge bet and moved all in on the flop. Dang thought about calling for a few minutes during a tense situation. She eventually called and was surprised that she was ahead. Dang cscooped the pot and Lua Tran took 4th place. She won $5,670. Cuc Dang has a massive chiplead.

Lua Tran (Atlantic City, NJ) - 4th Place

Final Three

4:05pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: Louise Francoeur doubled through Sherece Gasaway. Francoeur flopped the nut flush with Kc-10c on a board of Ac-Jc-6c. Gasaway had A-4 for top pair. She had been patiently waiting for hands once it got shot-handed and picked up a $325K pot. She moved up to second in chips and still tains Cuc Dang by a lot.
Updated Chipcount:
1. Cuc Dang 410K
2. Louise Francouer 300K
3. Sherece Gasaway 120K
4:30pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: Antes are $1K with $4K/$8K blinds. Sherece Gasaway is making a run. She pulled even in chips wth Louise Francouer in two big hands. She doubled up with J-J against Cuc Dang's A-6. A few hands later, Dang raised from the small blind and Gasaway came over the top from the big blind for $60K more. She threw out a $100K bet on the flop and Dang folded. Dang is now the short stack.

4:30pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: Cuc Dang doubled through Sherece Gasaway when her A-9 held up against K-10. Dang flopped an ace.

4:55pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: Another big hand involving Cuc Dang and Sherece Gasaway. On a board of 8d-4c-Qc-9d, Dang moved all in. She had K-Q. Gasaway took a few moments to think, and she eventually called with Ac-8c and the nut flush draw. teh river was a King and Dang doubled through Gasaway.

5:00pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: On a board of A-K-4 and two clubs, Cuc Dang put out a 100K bet. Louise Francouer pondered a call and eventually moved all in. She had A-10 and Dang flipped over Big Slick. Louise Francouer from Palm Beach, FL took down $7,695 for third.

Louise Francouer (Palm Beach, FL) - 3rd Place

5:01pm... Event #7 Ladies NL final table: Cuc "Cookie" Dang won the Ladies event. Gasaway had A-10 and was outflopped by Dang's K-9. On a board of 10-7-K, both players were all in. Dang's hand held up and she came from behind to win it all. Gasaway won $14,175 for second. Dang took down $25,104 for first. Cookie Dang is an occupational therapist and this is her second major poker tournament. She had a lucky clementine with her doing her best Johnny Chan imitation. "I should take off from work more often," she joked. "I'm feeling so lucky I might have to go buy some lottery tickets."

Sherece Gasaway (Laurel, MD) - 2nd Place

Cuc "Cookie" Dang (Clifton, NJ)
Event #7 Ladies NL Champion - $25,104

The Final Four

5:40pm... Event #8 $2,500 update: Mirza Nagji was busted when his A-K ran into A-A. There is one monster table featuring the Grinder, Paul Darden, Chip Jett, and Carlos Mortenson. I'd hate to be at that table.

6:40pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: 143 players are left on 15 tables.

7:00pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: Players are on a break. Chris "Triple Draw" Fargis has about 53K and looking strong. Average stack is around 23K. Chris is posting updates on his blog 21 Outs.

8:10pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: Paulie the Roofer is out. He was shortastacked all afternoon. On the first hand after the dinner break, he found A-Ks and moved all in. He had two callers... A-K and K-Q and of course the guy with K-Q scooped the pot when a Queen flopped.

9:30pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: 8 tables left. 78 players remaining. Chris Fargis has about 40K remaining. Denis Ethier, Andy Black, Syracuse Chris, and Joanne Liu are all still alive.

10:05pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: Seven tables left. We're on Level 10. Chris Fragis doubled up and has 80K now.

10:30pm... Meet the Borgata Staff!

Photo courtesy of Frank Bellocchio

11:30... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: Six tables left.

12:30.... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: 44 players left on five tables. Andy Black, Chris Fargis, and Surrinder Sunar are all alive.

Chris Fargis

Andy Black

1:30pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: The bubble has burst. We're down to 36.

Beth Shak (Bryn Mawr, PA) - 33rd Place

1:50am... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: 32 left.
Recent Eliminations:
36. Michael Somma (Middle Village, NY) $4,118
35. Justin Schaller (Pedricktown, NJ) $4,118
34. Daniel Seringer (Sea Cliff, NJ) $4,118
33. Beth Shack (Bryn Mawr, PA) $4,118

Carlos Mortensen


2:00am... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: Play has been suspended for the day and the four remaining tables will resume on Saturday at 2pm. Despite being sick all day and night, Surridner Sunar ended the first day 7th in chips.
Event #8 End of Day Top 10 Chipcounts:
1. Collin Wilson 356K
2. TDM Sipes 273K
3. John Gale 210K
4. Peter Lios 185.5K
5. Jonathan Zuchowski 181.5K
6. Denis Ethier 180.5K
7. Surrinder Sunar 162.5K
8. Jaavel "Shag" McCrane 160.1K
9. Chris Fargis 138.5K
10. Rich Cole 188.5K

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