Monday, January 23, 2006

Borgata Winter Open: Event #4 $500 Limit and Event #3 $1000 NL Day 2 & Final Table

It's a rainy Monday morning in Atlantic City, NJ, but the bad weather did not affect Day 4 of the Winter Poker Open at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa where there's 24 hour non-stop poker action featuring both amateurs and seasoned pros. The ballroom is packed again with both tournament players, satellite players, and spectators. As soon as I walk into the room, I'm bombarded with the sounds of chuffling chips and the ocassional groan after a bad beat.

Don't forget to check out the Winter Poker Open schedule and if you want to play a multi-table staellites (including a second chance cash tournament), be sure to take a peek at the Super Satellite schedule. And the staff here in the ballroom is also running single-table (SNG) satellites where you can win tournament chips and vouchers. And dont forget, if you register in one of themain events you are eligible for a poker player's room rate if you would like to stay in the swanky Borgata.

This past weekend featured plenty of excitement as the Borgata crowned champions in their first two events. Ravi Anand from New York City won $170K on Saturday night in Event #1 and last night Michael Hickman from Media, PA took home $176K in Event #2.

Michael Hickman - Event #2 winner

Today, I will be covering two events. They will be color coded to help you follow the action better.
Event #3 $1K NL Day 2 & Final Table = Black font
Event #4 $500 LIMIT = Blue font
Event #3 started with 340 players fighting it out for a prize pool worth over $340,000. The action is down to the final 20 players with Dan Weissman as the chipleader with over $221K. We're also starting the only Limit event in the Borgata Winter Open today.

***** Live Blogging Updates *****

11:10am... Event #4 Limit update: Cards are in the air. 343 players signed up for this event. Players start with $3,000 in chips. Blinds are 25-25 with 25-50 limits in Level 1. Stay tuned for more details.

12:10pm... Event #4 Limit update: Level 2. Blinds are 25-50 with limits at 50-100. Paul Darden is playing in today's Limit event.

12:30pm... Event #3 $1K NL update: The event will be starting in 90 minutes. Here's the twenty players who survived day one, including chipcounts...
End of Day 1 Chipcounts for Event #3:
1. Dan Weissman 221K
2. Jimmy Mitchell 202K
3. Anthony Losardo 157K
4. Abraham Korotki 108K
5. Lance Turner 102K
6. Richard Marshall 98K
7. Bandon Barton 95K
8. Vinod Vangimalla 87K
9. Sharif Wahba 85K
10. Craig Conway 74K
11. Carlos Zambrano 68K
12. Matt Smith 65K
13. Nicholas Caltabiaro 65K
14. Chase Kirchner 58K
15. Brad Rathbone 53K
16. Darrell Blaine New 52K
17. Dennis Frederick 49K
18. Greg Camberari 40K
19. Richard Besserman 22K
20. Sandra Billot 8K
1:30pm... Event #4 $500 Limit update: We're now on Level 3. Blinds are 50-75 with 75-150 limits.

Event #3 $1K NL Day 2 action
(Click on photo to enlarge)

2:00pm... Event #3 $1K NL update: Cards are in the air. 20 players remaining. We're on Level 13. Blinds are $3K/6K with $1K antes.

2:20pm... Event #3 $1K NL update: Five quick elimiantions in the first 15 minutes! There are 15 players remaining.
Recent Bustouts:
20. Rchard Besserman (Wantagh, NY) $1,700
19. Abraham Korotki (Ocean View, DE) $1,700
18. Darrell Blaine New (Ypsilanti, MI) $2,380
17. Dennis Frederick (Drexel Hill, PA) $2,380
16. Chase Kirchner (Moriches, NY) $2,380

Chase Kirchner - 16th place

2:30pm... Event #4 $500 Limit update: We're on Level 4. Blinds are 50-100 with 100-200 limits. Joe Orso has about 3K in chips. There are 34 tables left. Only one table has been broken since the even began.

Joe Orso playing in Event #4

3:20pm... Event #3 $1K NL update: There are nine players left. They went on a break before they redrew for seats.
Recent Bustouts:
15. Bran Rathbone (Williamstown, NJ) $3,400
14. Carlos J. Zambrano (Babylon, NY) $3,400
13. Brandon Barton (Vellejio, CA) $3,400
12. Nicholas Caltibiano (Syracuse, NY) $4,420
11. Matt Smith (Levittown, PA) $4,420
10. Sandra Billot (Spring, TX) $4,420

Sandra Billot (Spring, TX) - 10th place
Event #3 $1K NL Final Table Players inlcuding chip counts:
Seat 1: Jimmy Mitchell 249K
Seat 2: Sharif Wahba 166K
Seat 3: Craig Conway 31K
Seat 4: Vinod Vangimalla 139K
Seat 5: Rich Marshall 94K
Seat 6: Anthony Losardo 207K
Seat 7: Lance Turner 351K = chipleader
Seat 8: Greg Camberari 155K
Seat 9: Dan Weissman 302K
3:30pm... SNG Satellite Information: There are several SNGs you can play in to win vouchers to get into bigger events. In the ballroom the Borgata staff are running $65 + 15, $100 + 15, $150 + 20, $250 + 20, $500 + 30, and $1020 + 40 SNGs around the clock. You can win vouchers to buy into super satellites or to actual events. The SNGs pay out vouchers to the first place winner and usually 2nd and 3rd place win some cash. For example, $150 + 20 SNG pays out two $500 vouchers (or $1000) for first place while 2nd & 3rd win $250 in cash.

4:10pm... Event #3 $1K NL Final Table update: Craig Conway from Bloomfield, NJ was busted in 9th place when his A10 lost to Rich Marshall's A-Q. He won $6,800 for his efforts.

Craig Conway (Bloomfield, NJ) - 9th place

4:20pm... Event #3 $1K NL Final Table update: Players are curently on a break. Just before Sharif Wahba and his short stack doubled up with A-9 vs. 9-9. He flopped an ace. Jimmy Mitchell has 239K in chips, Dan Weissman has 300K, and Lance Turner has about 330K in chips.

4:45pm... Event #3 $1K NL Final Table update: Anthony Losardo from Wyckoff, NJ was eliminated in 8th place by Dan Weissman. On a flop of J-3-4, Weissman bet 20K and Losardo moved all in with Q-Q and Losardo quickly called with K-K. Losardo won $10,200 for 8th. Weissman is now the chipleader.

Anthony Losardo (Wyckoff, NJ) - 8th place

5:00pm... Event #3 $1K NL Final Table update: Greg Camberari doubled up with pocket aces against Dan Weissman's A-8.

Chipleader Dan Weissman

5:08pm... Event #4 $500 Limit update: 21 tables are left with about 208 players remaining.

5:15pm... Tipping Procedures: Just a friendly reminder that Atlantic City casinos do not automatically withhold a percentage of your winnings for a dealer's toke. Most Las Vegas casinos take a percentage off the top for the dealers. 3% to 5% is the standard dealer's tip.

5:20pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Jimmy Mitchell from Atlantic City was eliminated in 7th place when his A-Qs lost to Shiraf Wahba's K-9s. Mitchell raised 38K preflop and Wahba moved all in. Mitchell quickly called. Wahba flopped a 9 and his hand held up. Jimmy Mitchell won $13,600.

Jimmy Mitchell (Atlantic City, NJ) - 7th place

5:30pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Greg Camberari doubled up against Dan Weissman. On a board of 5-9-10, Weissman checked and Camberari moved all in. Weissman called with Q-J and an open ended straigth draw. Camberari semi-bluffed with K-Q and it held up.

6:00pm.... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Sharif Wahba and Dan Weissman have been battling it out. Weissman had been steam rolling the table with his big stack and Wahba had been catching cards and pushing back against the table bully. He picked up several pots and built up his stack to almost 400K to Weissman's 450K. They both took a hit when they both doubled up the short stack Rich Marshall. He rivered a straight with 8-7o to triple up on a board of A-Q-9-5-6. Weissman won the side pot with A-6 against Wahba's A-J. Right now Weissman is back up to 500K.

6:30pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Lance Turner doubled up with A-10 against Dan Weissman's Q-Q when he turned a straight on a board of 7-8-9-J-6. Then a few hands later, on a board of 10-8-8-J with two diamonds, Weissman bet out and Sharif Wahba moved all in. Weissman quickly called with K-K. Wahba flipped over Q-9 for a straight. His hand held up and he crippled Weissman in the biggest pot of the final table. Weissman has about 160K. We have a new chipleader. Sharif Wahba has over 600K.

6:45pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Players are on a ten minute break.
Updated Chipcount:
1. Sharif Wahba 660K
2. Vinod Vangimalla 318K
3. Lance Turner 290K
4. Greg Camberari 152K
5. Dan Weissman 150K
6. Rich Marshall 125K
6:47pm... Event #4 $500 Limit update: 13 tables are left with about 126 players remaining. They are on their dinner break. I just saw a crazy hand where three players flopped sets! Set over set over set.

7:00pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: With a shortstack, Rich Marshall and his A-Q doubled up against Vinod Vangimalla's J-10. Dan Weissman moved all in with A-7. Sharif Wahba called with A-K and flopped a King. Wahba's hand held up and Weissman was busted in 6th place. He won $17,000. Wahba now has over 800K in chips.

Dan Weissman (Holland, PA) - 6th Place

7:18pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Greg Camberari from Alexandria, VA was eliminated in 5th place when he moved all in with his shortstack and A-9s. He lost to Vinod Vangimalla's trip 8s. Greg Camberari won $20,400.

Greg Camberari (Alexandria, VA) - 5th Place

7:18pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Sharif Wahba picked off a bluff from Vinod Vangimalla and now has over $1M in chips. The closest player has 250K.

7:45pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Lance Turner doubled up with Q-Q against Sharif Wahba's 7-7. But that hit barely dented Wahba's million dollar stack.
Updated Chipcounts:
1. Sharif Wahba 1M
2. Lance Turner 290K
3. Rich Marshall 190K
4. Vinod Vangimalla 120K
8:00pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Vinod Vangimalla amd Rich Marshall tangled on three hands in a row. Vinod and his K-9 doubled up against Rich Marshall's J-7. Two hands later they were both all in preflop. Vinod had A-5 and Marshall had Qh-4h. The board had 5 spades and none of them had a spade so they chopped. The next hand, Marshall doubled up with 8-6s vs. Vinod's A-4.

8:04pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: The two firends went at it. Rich Marshall and his K-7 cracked Lance Turner's Hilton Sisters when he rivered a King. Turner is the short stack and Marshall jumped up to second in chips.

8:09pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Rich Marshall just doubled up against the chipleader Sharif Wahba when his A-K held up against A-10. Wahba flopped a 10, but Marshall turned a King to take the lead. He now has 600K. Say hello to our new chipleader Rich Marshall. Wahba slipped to second with about 500K.

8:13pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Sharif Wahba from Ohio was eliminated in 4th place when he tried to bluff at a pot with 4-6. Rich Marshall had K-K and ended up winning with a full house with three Jack hit the flop. Wahba won $23,800.

Sharif Wahba (Parma, OH) - 4th place

8:16pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Lance Turner was eliminated in 3rd place when his J-10 lost to Vinod's 8-10s. Vinod's flush sent Turner to the rail. He's good friends with Rich Marshall and the two North Carolina natives drove up to the Borgata together. Turner won $27,710 for third.

Lance Turner (Chapel Hill, NC) - 3rd Place

8:23pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Vinod moved all in with K-3 and Rich Marshall called with A-8. Vinod flopped two pair and his hand held up. Vinod now has a 1.2M to a 700K chiplead.

8:37pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: After about 15 minutes of heads up play, they are both about even in chips.

8:37pm... Event #3 $1K NL final table update: Rich Marshall took a huge pot off of Vinod. His J-6s beat out Vinod's Q-8. They both moved all in on a flop of J-9-8. On the next hand, Vinod moved all in with J-2 and Marshall's 4-7s held up when he flopped a pair of fours. Vinod Vangimalla from Maryland won $57,120 for second place. He's friends with Billy Hill who took second plac in Event #1. Rich Marshall from Raleigh, NC won $103,700 and the cool Borgata bracelet. Congrats to both Rich and Vinod.

Vinod Vangimalla (Silver Springs, MD) - 2nd Place

Rich Marshall (Raleigh, NC)
Event #3 $1K NL Winner - $103,700

As I said before, Rich Marshall and his buddy Lance Turner drove up to the Borgata from North Carolina to play in a few events. Rich Marshall is a house painter by trade. They both hit a nice run at the craps table earlier this weekend and decided to use their winnings to buy into this event. The two friends started out as pool players and made a few bucks playing in random pool halls in North Carolina when they were younger. Over the last few years, they switched over to poker. Good thing they did. The two North Carolina guys made the same final table and both hung on despite being short stacked at some point, they came out on top. An amazing come from behind win from Rich Marshall.

11:01pm... Event #4 $500 Limit update: Players are on a break. There are six tables left with 59 players remaining. There will be two more levels of play tonight.

2:01am... Event #4 $500 Limit update: Play is over for tonight. There are 38 players left. The top 36 win prize money. Action will resume at 2pm on Tusday.
Event #4 End of Day 1 Chipcount:
1. Larry Lawson 59K
2. Matt Cherackal 58K
3. Eugene Ji 54K
4. Patrick Griffin 50.5K
5. Stephen Benton 48K
6. Elliot Burnham 46.5K
7. Tim Dalessandro 44.5K
7. Lee Biars 44.5K
7. Larry Milton 44.5K
10. Svetlana Gromenkova 44K

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