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Borgata Winter Open: Super Satellite Day and Event #8 $2,500 NL Day 2 & Final Table

Welcome back to the "Official" live blog of the 2006 Borgata Winter Open at the Borgata Hotel Spa & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. It's been one wild week of action and the Borgata gave away seven bracelets and even a brand new Escalade. Arthur Azen drove away with a new fuly loaded 2006 Escalade.

Now some of your favorite pros are in town ready to play in Sunday's main event as the Borgata is buzzing with excitement. Today is Super Satellite Day which means that everyone here is trying to win a seat in the $10K event. We have about 225 players in today's super sat. The Borgata will be handing out 40-50 seats to the main event today. Stay tuned for more of those details.

The championship main event starts tomorrow and the ballroom is flooded with players for their last chance of getting into the big dance. Spectators are here too and more press is slowly trickling in.

Yesterday, the Ladies NL event concluded. Cuc "Cookie" Dang took won the event after coming from behind. She's this year's Ladies NL Champion.

Cuc "Cookie" Dang (Clifton, NJ)
Event #7 Ladies NL Champion - $25,104

I'll be covering the final four tables of Event #8 $2,500 NL. We're down to 32 players. There are several big names left including Surrinder Sunar, Andy Black, Denis Ethier, WSOP Chamipion Carlos Mortensen, and Chris "Triple Draw" Fargis. Rich Marshall who won Event #3 is still in the hunt.

***** Live Blogging Update *****

1:00pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: We're about 60 minutes away from action. 32 players left out of 365. Collin Wilson is the chipleader.
Event #8 End of Day Top 10 Chipcounts:
1. Collin Wilson 356K
2. Tom Sipes 273K
3. John Gale 210K
4. Peter Lios 185.5K
5. Jonathan Zuchowski 181.5K
6. Denis Ethier 180.5K
7. Surrinder Sunar 162.5K
8. Jaavel "Shag" McCrane 160.1K
9. Chris Fargis 138.5K
10. Rich Cole 188.5K

Today's Payouts - Event #8:
1 $279,075
2 $153,720
3 $74,573
4 $64,050
5 $54,900
6 $45,750
7 $36,600
8 $27,450
9 $18,300
10-12 $11,895
13-15 $9,150
16-18 $6,405
19-27 $4,575
28-36 $4,118
2:15pm.... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: We're under way. Andy Black won a big hand early with A-A.

Today's Photos:

Carlos Mortensen ponders a call.

Andy's Aces

Gentleman John Gale

Event #8 Today's final four tables

3:00pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: We're down to 3 tables and 24 players. The action went fast and there was a four-way all in that was the hand of the tournament and by far the biggest pot of the week. A-A vs. K-K vs. J-J vs. 9-9. Wow. And pocket aces held up. Carlos Mortensen had J-J and was eliminated in 27th place. Surrinder Sunar won the side pot with K-K and the guy with 9-9 was eliminated.

The Big Pot

Gentleman John Gale went to the rail in 29th place when his Q-Q ran into pocket aces. Collin Wilson is still the chipleader.
Recent Bustouts:
32. Tm Beyers (Folsom, PA) $4,118
31. Gary Shoengold (Olney, MD) $4,118
30. Ron Savarese (East Norwich, NY) $4,118
29. John Gale (London, England) $4,118
28. John Renzi (Boothwyn, PA) $4,118
27. Carlos Mortensen (Las vegas, NV) $4,575
26. David Zibelli (Alexandria, VA) $4,575
25. Peter Marchisello (Bayside, NY) $4,575
3:15pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: We're down to 21 players on 3 tables. They will consolidate to 2 when there are 18 player remaining.
Recent Bustouts:
24. Francis Vizza (Cold Springs Harbor, NY) $4,575
23. Brian Kocur (Baltimore, MD) $4,575
22. Casey Peters (Point Pleasant, NJ) $4,575
3:45pm...Event #8 $2,500 NL update: We're down to 19 players. Chris Fragis Fargis has been busted in 20th. Visit his blog 21 Outs to read recaps.
Recent Eliminations:
21. Richard Cohen (Huntingdon Valley, PA) $4,575
20. Chris Fargis (Brooklyn, NY) $4,575
4:00pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: I'd like to welcome all the Irish poker players from Antes Up checking in on Andy Black's progress. Right now he's got 141K. He started the day low in chips and doubled up early with A-A.

Chipleader Tom Sipes (Pittsburgh, PA)

4:20pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: We're down to 2 tables. Denis Ethier has over 460K in chips. Andy Black still has around 130K.
Recent Eliminations:
19. Michael Contessa (Rochelle Park, NJ) $4,575
18. Chris Mitchell (Brentwood, NH) $6,405
4:35pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: 3 more bustouts. On a board of 3h-10c-6h-5c, Denis Ethier bet out and Ed Jordan moved all in over the top of him. The always cool and calm Ethier thought about the call for a few moments as he pulled out 100K in chips out of his stack and held them back for a second before calling. Jordan showed 8-8 and Ethier flipped over Q-Q. Ethier's Hilton Sister held up and he busted Jordan in 15th place. Andy Black has 150K and is one of the shortstacks.
Recent Eliminations:
17. Rich Marshall (Raleigh, NC) $6,405
16. Surinder Sunar (Wolverhampton, England) $6,405
15. Ed Jordan (Bellmead, NJ) $9,150

Surinder Sumar (Wolverhampton, England) - 16th Place

Andy Black's cardcapper

5:00pm... Event #8 update: $2,500 NL update: Andy Black gets Hammered! Black was eliminated when he made a move and pushed all in with 7-2o aka The Hammer. Bold move from Black and Wayne Stock called him with J-J. Black was sent to the rail. He won $9,150. Jaavel "Shag" McCrae was busted in 13th place when his A-5 lost to A-10.
Recent Eliminations:
14. Andy Black (Dublin, Ireland)
13. Jaavel "Shag" McCrae (Ridge, NY)

Andy Black (Dublin, Ireland) - 14th Place

Shag - 13th Place

5:40pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL update: We're down to a final table. 10 players left. Tom Sipes is the chipleader with 734K. Denis Ethier is third in chips with 511K.
Recent Eliminations:
12. Joe Loguidice (Atlantic City, NJ) $11,895
11. Jeff Bohanek (Lake Worth, FL) $11,895

Updated Chipcounts:
Seat 1: Peter Lios 197K
Seat 2: Wayne Stock 405K
Seat 3: Jonathan Zuchowski 312K
Seat 4: Collin Wilson 645K
Seat 5: Ron Mascet 106K
Seat 6: Tom Sipes 734K
Seat 7: Joe Cappello 188K
Seat 8: Steven Karanikolas 425K
Seat 9: Neal Gershony 139K
Seat 10: Denis Ethier 511K

Event #8 Final Table

6:00pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL Final Table update: Neal Gershony was eliminated in 10th place when his J-J was snapped off by Collin Wilson's 3-3. Wilson flopped a set of 3s to send Gershony to the rail.

Neal Gershony (Rocky Hill, CT) - 10th Place

6:20pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL Final Table update: Ron Mascet was shortstacked and moved all in with A-8. Tom Sipes called with J-10. Mascet flopped trips when two 8s hit the board. However, Sipes caught a runner runner straight to send him to the rail. Mascet won $18,300. Players are currently on a dinner break.

Ron Mascet (Howell, NJ) - 9th Place
Updated Chipcount:
1. Denis Ethier 980K
2. Tom Sipes 750K
3. Collin Wilson 515K
4. Wayne Stock 370K
5. Steven Karanikolas 310K
6. Johnathon Zuchowski 310K
7. Joseph "Bobo" Cappello 170K
8. Peter Lios 130K
7:40pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: Collin Wilson took the bad beat of the week by far. He raised in the little blind with A-A 100K. Tom Sipes in the bg blind reraised to 200K. Collin came over the top all in for 300K. Sipes thought for a minute and called... with 8-6o. The flop was Q-6-10. The turn was a six and the spectators on the rail gasped in horror when Sipes turned trips. The river was a seven and Wilson's A-A were cracked by 8-6o. Collin Wilson wins $27,450.

Collin Wilson (Atlanta, GA) - 8th Place

7:45pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: The Tom Sipes show continues. He built up his stack to over $1.3M after he sucked out on Joe "Bobo" Cappello who finished in 7th place. Cappello moved all in on the turn with 8h-4h. He had a pair of fours and a flush draw. Sipes had As-10s and had a gushot wheel draw with a Q-5-3-4 on the board. The river was a 2 and Cappello was eliminated in 7th place. He won $36,600.

Joe "Bobo" Cappello (New Rochele, NY) - 7th Place

8:15pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: Tom Sipes lost a coin flip with 8-8 and doubled up Steven Karanikolas' A-J. He still holds a massive $1M chiplead.

8:30pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: Jonathan Zuchowski was eliminated in 6th place when his 5-5 ran into Denis Ethier's A-A. Zuchowski goes home with $45,750.

Jonathan Zuchowski (Jupiter, FL) - 6th Place

8:48pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: Peter Lios was knocked out in 5th place when his A-9 lost to Denis Ethier's A-10. The both flopped an ace. The board read A-Q-6-Q-9 and Either's kicker played. His two pair was better than Lios. The Linwood, NJ native went home with $54,900.

Peter Lios (Linwood, NJ) - 4th Place

8:58pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: Wayne Stock picked up a pot when he moved all in with his short stack. He had 6-6 and Tom Sipes called with 6-6 as did Denis Ethier with A-Q. Since Sipes and Ethier checked it down to the river, Stock and Sipes ended up splitting up the blinds, antes, and Ethier's bet.

9:10pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: Wayne Stock was eliminated in 4th palce when his A-5 lost to Steven Karanikolas' A-Q. Stock won $64,050. Down to 3.

Wayne Stock (New York, NY) - 4h Place

9:18pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: Steven Karanikolas was busted in 3rd place when his K-Q ran into Denis Ethier's Q-Q. Ethier flopped a Queen to take it down. Steven Karanikolas won $74,573.

Steve Karanikolas (Skillman, NJ) - 3rd Place

9:45pm... Event #8 $2,500 NL final table update: Denis Ethier and Tom Sipes were all in preflop. Ethier had 10-10 and Sipes had A-Q. Sipes turned a Queen and the tournament was his. Denis Ethier won $153,720 for second place. Sipes won $279,075. Primarily and internet player, Sipes from Pittsburgh was sick of the vicious bad beats and decided to switch to live poker. This was his first major tournament. Congrats to Denis Ethier and Tom Sipes.

Denis Ethier (Durham, NC) - 2nd Place

Tom Sipes (Pittsburgh, PA)
Event #8 $2,500 NL Winner

10:00pm... That's it for now. The $10K main event starts at 11am on Sunday. See you then.

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