Sunday, March 27, 2005

Vegas Day 3: Costanza's Betting Method

Senor and I decided that we needed a new method in picking winners. I told him that I should be betting the opposite of what my gut tells me. We employed the George Costanza Method to betting on college hoops. There was one episode of Seinfeld where George decided that he was ruining his life with his decisions and decided to do the opposite of what he thought he should do. That's how he landed a girlfriend and scored a job with the NY Yankees.

I liked Illinois and Louisville. According to George Costanza... I should go with the other teams. Senor and I bet on Arizona +5 and West Virginia +8 1/2. And you know... we won both bets. Amazing. Our new system worked. The West Virgina-Louisville game was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. WV blew a double digit lead late and Louisville forced OT. I dunno if anyone saw that missed dunk with 6 second left... but if that goes down... we lose. Since he (Louisville player unknown) missed the easy dunk... the lead was only 8! Man... we won by a 1/2 point. The sports book exploded in jubilation. A lot of people bet on West Virginia and that missed dunk made hundreds of people thousands of dollars. What a rush. It felt like I jumped out an airplane and opened my parachute at the last possible second.

Met the Poker Prof for dinner at Ferrara's, a cool Italian place which was located at Caesar's Palace. He bought Senor and I dinner and I chose the Penne in a spicy marinara sauce. Yummy. We had a few drinks afterwards and talked shop.

The lines atthe poker rooms are ridiculously long. Time for some Pai Gow poker!

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