Saturday, March 26, 2005

Vegas Day 2: Cracked Hiltons, Sin & Strippers, Fatburger, and Duke Sucks

On Friday I was brutalized by my inability to pick winners at the Sports Book. For my career, I am up at Mandalay Bay. So I'm kinda surprised that I actually lostFriday. Big. At some point Senor mentioned, "Today could get ugly." He was right. I went 1 and 3 again. Fugly. Which is short for Fuckin Ugly. By the way, did I mention that Duke sucks?

We ate at Fatburger for dinner. That place rocks.

I didn't try to pick up any 21 year olds today. Sorry guys. But I did go to a strip bar with Senor and our special guest Grubby. I am going to tease you with stories about our hijinks. You will have to wait until I get back from Vegas before I post the infamous visit toSin, one of the newest Gentleman's Club in Vegas. I hope that it will be one of my most anticipated posts to date. I will share this post-strip bar conversation snippet:
Senor: So what were you and that stripper talking about for an hour?

Pauly: You know, normal Pauly-Stripper conversation. We discussed Dostoevsky, Jean-Paul Sartre, and other existentialists.
Late night, I walked back into Mandalay Bay's poker room with the faint aroma of a stripper's perfume on me, I played $4/8 with a half kill and went up $90 right away. I then proceeded to lose $150 over the next two hours on a series of bad beats. The damn Hilton Sisters were cracked by 58s. Grrrr. Grubby's Hiltons were cracked as well.

I realized that the strip club was the most +EV adventure of the day. By the way, I lied to every stripper. When they asked what I did for a living, I told them I was...

1. a pediatrican (I had to live up to the Dr. Pauly reputation)
2. a guitar player in a jazz band
3. an aspiring filmaker from Hollyweird (sound familar Geek?)
4. a commodities trader on Wall Street.

Check back next week for the full write up.

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