Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blogger News: e-Books and Tournaments

First of all, congrats to HDouble and Iggy. They launched a joint venture. Take a peek at Poker Tracker Guide. The opening tagline is:
Poker Tracker is THE most powerful tool for online poker players.
For $20... it's a steal and HDouble and Iggy teach you how to maximize the Poker Tracker software. Buy it today.

I dunno if they are giving away autographed copies. I do know that if you send Daddy $5 and a self-addressed stamped envelope... then he'll send you a photocopy of his nut sack, autographed of course.

Moving along... how about a new blogger tournament in Vegas?

CJ made arrangements for the next live blogger event!
What: WPBT NL tourney
When: Saturday, June 4th at 10am PCT
Where: The Aladdin in Las Vegas, NV
Buy in: $50 + fee
This will be limited to bloggers only. You should RSVP with CJ sooner than later to reserve your spot. Derek and I already bought plane tickets. The folks behind the scenes are looking into finding a place that will offer a group rate. Stay tuned for more details... but I cannot guarantee that will happen and we'll let you know in a few weeks whether or not to book something on your own. Most of the information will be posted over at WPBTonline.

Hope to see everyone in Las Vegas. You have three months to fleece the Party fish to build those bankrolls, call in favors to get a few days off from work, and most importantly bribe your significant other into letting you go.

And here are the December trip reports from the WPBT Holiday Classic:

Chapter 1: Day 1, Part I
Chapter 2: Day 1, Part II
Chapter 3: Day 2, Part I
Chapter 4: Day 2, Part II... WPBT Holiday Classic
Chapter 5: Day 2, Part III
Chapter 6: Day 3, Part I
Chapter 7: Day 3, Part II
Chapter 8: Day 4, Part I
Chapter 9: Day 4, Part II
Chapter 10: Closing Thoughts
See everyone in Vegas!

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