Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Next Stop on the WPBT: Full Tilt

Iggy organized the next WPBT online tournament. It will be held this Sunday at 9pm EST on Full Tilt. The format is a $5 H.O.R.S.E. tourney or something that I call "give your money to Felicia." The password is... thehammer. I think it's open to readers.

Here are the blind structures and games with 10 minute levels:
Level 1: Hold'em 30/60
Level 2: Omaha hi/lo 40/80
Level 3: Razz 50/100 + 10 ante
Level 4: Stud 60/120 +10 ante
Level 5: Stud hi/lo 80/160 + 15 ante
Level 6: Hold'em 100/200
Level 7: Omaha hi/lo 120/240
Level 8: Razz 150/200 + 25 ante
Level 9: Stud 200/400 +30 ante
Level 10: Stud hi/lo 250/500 +40 ante
Check Full Tilt for more details. I do not expect to last more than Level 10 so I'm not going to worry about the blinds after then.

Best of luck. I played Razz with Felicia last night. I'll write it up tomorrow.

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