Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pimp Day Tuesday

First of all, I'm currently 56th on the WPBT Leaderboard. See where you stand. Thanks to Sean for doing all the hardwork! Congrats to Royal who is currently in first.

Derek wrote up his Speed Tourney report where he took 3rd out of 1200+ on Saturday. Take a peek. He's turning the corner in his poker play. I couldn't be more proud. Plus, he's 23rd on the WPBT Leaderboard!

Congrats to the Poker Prof on his newest adventure with Poker Player Newspaper.

Cheers to Bad Blood who celebrated one year of blogging. I'm eagerly awaiting the first guest post from one of the mini-Bloods!

By the way, Toby from The Nut Heart Flush has written a poker book: The Bad Ass Girl's Guide to Poker. I suggest you buy it for your girlfriend, fiancee, wife, mother, sister, or for your cousin Julio, the blacksheep in the family who loves Queer Eye and prefers hot dogs to hamburgers.

So, why haven't you bought Poker Tracker Guide yet? Shame on you. It's only $20.

I read every blog yesterday that I have listed. I want three hours of my life back. Some folks are having birthdays. Others are on a break. And yeah, I added 21 news blogs to my blogroll this month. Check them out:
I read poker blogs from the bottom up on my blogroll. Yes, I start with the newer blogs first and I make my way up the list.

Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool: Round 2 Update

The Sweet 16 is set. Who would have thought so many top seeds would be gone? Wake Forest lost to West Virginia in double OT in one of the best games I've seen in years. How about NC State? They are still hot. Everyone's bracket looks worse than Courtney Love after a four day bender, but there's still hope. Utah? UW-Milwaukee? Are you shitting me? At least I called Texas Tech. Be ware of Bobby Knight and the Red Raiders! If Washington knocks off a bitter Louisville... then Knight and Texas Tech have a shot of walking into the Final Four.

Well T'anks For Nuthin' is sitting pretty in first place with a three way tie for second place: Austin Pallbearers, Landow, and Signor Ferrari are all within arm's reach of first place.
Current Standings... Top10:
1 Well T'anks For Nuttin' (Jerry) 450
2 Austin Paulbearers (M. Stephans) 440
2 Landow Entry 2 ( Landow) 440
2 Signor Ferrari (Ferrari) 440
5 Senor Jr Entry 2 (Jodd) 430
6 Picking at Random (Sean Anistropy) 420
6 Trailer Park Hoochies (Briana) 420
6 Inside the Paris Hilton (Pauly) 420
6 Chico's Bail Bonds (Derek) 420
6 Drohan 2005 (Bad Blood) 420

For a complete list... visit Pauly's Pub.
This next category might be more important than the current standings. Most Possible Points is an indication of whether or not you still have a shot to win it, or at least place in the money. Girtz NYC, letsdoit againsoxpats, and The Poker Nerd are not in the top 10 right now, but they are looking strong going into the Sweet 16.
Top 5 Most Possible Points Remaining:
Well T'anks For Nuttin' 960
Austin Paulbearers 960
Spudtastic Webbalicious 960
Girtz NYC 960
lets do it againsoxpat 960

For a complete list... visit Pauly's Pub.
If you haven't arranged payments, please do so. Thanks again. Best of luck this upcoming weekend. I'll be in Vegas for the entire Sweet 16 games and the Elite 8 watching them at the sports book at Mandalay Bay. Let's hope that Senor can make it.

Closing Thoughts

Check out the front page to one of the NYC newspapers yesterday.

Good grief. Did I tell you I saw some dude reading a poker book on the subway the other day? He was reading Touranment Poker and the Art of War. I wonder if he reads my poker blog? New York City has poker fever.

If you don't know by now... Party Poker has a reload bonus of 20% up to $200. If you don't have an account... what the fuck are you waiting for? Stop farting around on other sites trying to win a seat in the 2005 WSoP. There are tens of thousands of hipsters who are new to the poker scene and they have never picked up a poker book in their shallow lives, yet are swimming around Party Poker looking to get picked off. Seriously, they are giving away free money every second of everyday. Get a Party Poker account today (and use my bonus code: TAO4) before it's too late and they lose their entire online bankrolls.

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