Wednesday, March 30, 2005

March Madness: Sweet 16 and Elite 8 Updates

Sorry folks for the delay in updates. I was in Vegas as many of you already know. was freaky all weekend long and using dial up in my hotel room was hard for me. ESPN's site was super slow to come up. Again sorry for the delays.

28 out of 41 have paid. Not too shabby, but we've haven't reached our goal. I know I'll get some more payments from some of you later. But for the rest, please make arrangements ASAP or I will send Al Cant Hang and Grubby to your house. Grubby will eat all your food and Al will drink all your liquor and sit on your couch and smoke a pack of cowboys until you fork over the cash.

Transfer via PokerStars... my screen name is: DrPauly

Email me for my mailing address if you want to send payments via snail mail.

So, how about the tournament, huh? This is one of the most exciting I've seen in years. Of course Senor and I got our asses kicked 2 out of 3 days we bet on the games. If we didn't have money on an innocuous Raptors-Hawks NBA game... we would have been in even worse shape.

3 of the 4 games that decided the Final Four went into OT. Unreal. Illinois and Louisville came from behind late in the second half to advance. That game will be wild. I'm pulling for Louisville for obvious reasons. And maybe UNC can finally knock off Michigan State.

We also have nominations for best team name. I asked a panel of non-playing folks to pick five of their favorite team names. These 7 got the most possible nominations. Please email me your vote. And no you cannot vote for yourself. The winner gets a cool prize.
1. Inside the Paris Hilton
2. AlexPKeaton Trust Fund
3. Surrealistic Celibacy
4. OrangeUGlad I SaidOrange
5. Marlboro and Lungbutter
6. Trailer Park Hoochies
7. Chico's Bail Bonds
OK, I'll put up a voting post on my poker blog this weekend. Results will be posted soon.

So how about Matt and Austin Paulbearers? He's running away with it. If Louisville knocks off Illinois, Singer and lets do it againsoxpat look like they can take it down.
The Standings:
1 Austin Paulbearers (M. Stephans) 840
2 Syracuse Phenomenon (CJ) 810
3 Spudtastic Webbalicious (The Poker Nerd) 800
4 lets do it againsoxpat (Singer) 790
5 Well T'anks For Nuttin' (Jerry) 770
6 Chico's Bail Bonds (Derek) 740
6 Marlboro and Lungbutter (AlCantHang) 740
8 CinderANG Entry 3 (Mrs. Senor) 730
8 The Brooklyn Embeds (Gil) 730
8 Oyster Bay Orangemen (JoeMoore) 730
11 Landow Entry 2 (Landow) 720
11 Stop Your Begging (Coach) 720
13 Simian Rage (ScurvyDog) 710
14 Trailer Park Hoochies (Briana, Ms. Buttons if you're nasty...) 700
14 Inside the Paris Hilton (Pauly) 700
14 Drohan 2005 (Bad Blood) 700
17 Girtz NYC (Girtz) 680
17 Signor Ferrari (Ferrari) 680
17 Your Mascots Tickler (Spider) 680
17 The Name I want won't (Bob) 680
21 Buttamaker's Boilermakers (Derek) 670
22 HUSKY REPRISE (Senor) 660
22 Fennis's Dembo (GW Jay) 660
24 Homer's Hard Wood (Armen) 650
25 Ballersby Knights (G-Rob) 640
25 The Otis Ramblers (Otis B. Dart) 640
25 The Israeli Nightmares (Gil) 640
28 Steal This Bracket (Poker Geek) 630
29 MyGirlFriend MadeMeDoIt (Spider) 620
29 Picking at Random (Sean) 620
29 OrangeUGlad I SaidOrange (Spider) 620
32 Surrealistic Celibacy (BG) 610
33 AlexPKeaton Trust Fund (Drizz) 600
33 YouScratched MyAnchor (SeanLovelace) 600
35 Dr. Gonzo's Ether (Pauly) 570
36 Stay Free Ugarte (Charles Star, comedian and esq.) 560
36 ILikeYou Betty (SeanLovelace) 560
38 Double Belly Draw (Daddy aka Karl Hungug) 500
39 Senor Jr Entry 2 (Jodd) 470
40 Big Bold Bastards (Johnny Flopbot) 430
41 NYC HighOnPoker (Jordan) 410
42 Twinkle and Turquoise (J. Jenna & Haley) 360
According to Matt here's the possible winners:
Back of the envelope NCAA pool finishes (Likely mostly accurate, may have missed something, though):

ILL over UNC: Austin Paulbearers win
ILL over MSU: Austin Paulbearers win
MSU over ILL: Austin Paulbearers win
MSU over LOU: Let's Do It Again wins
LOU over UNC: Let's Do It Again wins
LOU over MSU: Let's Do It Again wins
UNC over ILL: Chico's Bail Bonds win
UNC over LOU: Ballersby Knights win

The best that Inside the Paris Hilton can finish is 3rd (UNC over ILL).
Thanks again Matt for your help in these calculations. Good job to Singer picking Lousiville to go this far. I'll be rooting for UNC baby! Check back soo for more updates. I'll figure out payment structure sometime this weekend.

Thanks again. Good luck.

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