Sunday, August 17, 2003

Why a new blog?

I decided to start a new blog site specifically geared towards poker and my poker play. I wanted to move the majority of my poker blogging off the Tao of Pauly and onto the Tao of Poker because the majority of the free world hasn't caught the poker bug like the rest of the gambling world. The average blog reader finds my gambling trials and above average poker speak very boring! Too bad.

Texas Hold'em poker is probably the most difficult, yet the most exhilirating card game out there. I know there are fanatics who share my same disposition and now there's a site for them to visit. Combined with the knowlegde that there are not too many poker blogs out there... I decided to start my own. 100% Poker speak... 100% of the time! So sit back, enjoy, and feel free to contribute relevant links, great stories, tournament information... anytime!

Let's shuffle up and deal!

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