Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ben Affleck Dropped $75 K at Foxwoods...

My "source" told me that "Mr. J. Lo" dropped $40,000 playing Blackjack at Foxwoods! That's before he went to the Poker Room and they roped off Table 46 for a $50-$50 Pot Limit Hold'em game, to keep the "rail hangers" back. When one guy did not have enough money for the buy-in for the game (He only had $2,000)... the story goes that Affleck tossed him $6,000 to play and sit. Later in the game that same guy was up $20,000. He took $6,000 in chips and put them in front of Affleck. That's when Affleck said something like, "Keep it. Don't worry about it."

And in case you were wondering, J. Lo was not "in da house". Ben frequents the $100-200 tables at the Commerce Casino in southern California. Is he a player? Affleck played loose and made a couple of flush draws.

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