Thursday, July 31, 2003

Who am I?

Playing at the 2007 WSOP
(Photo by Flipchip courtesy of

My name is Pauly and I am a writer originally from New York City. I having been living out of my backpack the last five years traveling all over America, Europe, and Australia covering poker tournaments, while intermittently living in Las Vegas.

I am the author of Lost Vegas: The Redneck Riviera, Existentialist Conversations with Strippers, and the World Series of Poker. The release date is Fall 2009.

Tao of Poker was created so I could combine two of my passions: Writing and Poker. You can visit my regular blog called the Tao of Pauly. I also publish a monthly literary blogzine called Truckin' and also founded Coventry music blog.

I'm a partner in which includes the Las Vegas Blog and Poker Prof's Poker Blog. I'm also a partner in Fantasy Sports Live, a website dedicated to daily fantasy sports contests.

I'm a contributing author to Pressure Poker (mostly written by Scott Gallant).

I'm currently a columnist for Bluff Magazine and Poker Player Newspaper. I have written for PokerStars Blog, Poker News, and the Borgata.

Other freelance articles and stories of mine have been published at Bluff Magazine, Fox Sports, High Roller Magazine, the OnGame Zone, Poker Pro magazine, Online Poker Pro magazine, Poker Pro Europe,,, All In Magazine, UK Racing Post,, and Sports Betting News. Several of my photographs have appeared in several of the above mentioned publications.

The Tao of Poker has been profiled in several publications including Bluff Magazine, All In, and Poker Pro. The Online Journalism Review mentioned the Tao of Poker in an article called Gonzo Bloggers Bring World Series to life in Real Time. The guys over at Wicked Chops Poker also conducted an interview with me called Blogfiles: Tao of Poker.

Tao of Poker has also been mentioned in Business Week, the London Times, ABC News, and NY Post. Tao of Poker has been linked up on,,,,,,, and

I first moved to Las Vegas in June 2005 to cover the World Series of Poker for, Poker Player Newspaper, and Fox Sports. Since then, I covered tournaments in Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Foxwoods, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Monaco, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Mexico, the Bahamas, Argentina, and the UK.

Thanks to, my articles have been translated into over a dozens languages including Russian, German, Polish, Italian, Finnish, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Manadrin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Hungarian, and French.

Also, I was a frequent contributor to a European website called I wrote several player profiles for their archives. You can check out the index for all of my articles on

I have appeared on a weekly poker podcast called the Lord Admiral Card Club (their archives can be found here).

At the 2008 WSOP, we kicked off the Tao of Pokerati podcast, a joint venture with Dan Michalski from Pokerati.

The Unabomber and Jen Tilly at the 2005 WSOP

If you are currently looking for freelance writers, please contact me. If you are a head hunter and want me to come back to Wall Street, my answer is a polite, "No."

You can find me playing online PokerStars a few nights a week and you can read up on the rest of my everyday life in my main blog called Tao of Pauly.

Disclaimer: There is content published on this site that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I use too many curse words and have been known to drop the C-bomb from time to time. As often as I can, I will post some pictures that may contain nudity and/or drug use. You have been warned.

Random Photos & Sketches

Dr. Pauly with the Poker Penguin (by the Poker Hermit)

Playing at the 2005 World Series of Poker
(Photo by Flipchip from Las Vegas & Poker Blog)

Playing with Lou Krieger in the 2005 Media/Celebrity WSOP event
(Photo by Tuscaloosa Johnny)

Moments after TJ Cloutier won a bracelet at the 2005 WSOP
(Photo by Flipchip)

Hanging out with Wil and Sherry at the Rio

Pauly with pro Max Pescatori at the WPBT Holiday Classic (Las Vegas 2004)

Pauly on the WPT set at the Bellagio with BJ Nemeth
(Photo from Steve Hall)

Pauly playing at the 2006 WSOP
(Photo from Amy Calistri)

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