Saturday, August 23, 2003

Here are some comments from some of the new Tao of Poker readers...

Re: Wearing Sunglasses at Poker Tournaments

Jerry Engel wrote: "I believe that it works - but don't you think the good players know that and use it to their advantage? You would look great is those old 80s big black sunglasses like that Russian dude (Ralph Perry) who made it to the final table last year (at the 2002 World Series) and came in fourth or something? Maybe even a toothpick? You have to wear a Yankees shirt/jersey so thats how people will remember who you are - the guy in the Yankees Jersey, then just the Yankee gambler! And you will make it to a TV table... maybe not this year or next, but I see it in your future."

Re: How I Bet $8,000 and Lost a $16,000 Pot!

Schanzer wrote: "Fucking bad ass story, McG. Love it. Keep em coming!"

Jerry Engel wrote: "Awesome - that story rocks - Sounds like you did really good and have built some confidence going forward. And despite your rebuff of validation from fellow players - you dug it and that also builds your confidence, which I am sure, somewhere in those books you are reading, is a key component to be a good card player. The real question is, what the fuck was Senor doing all this time???"

Jay Sheer wrote: "Yo congrats on the tournament man, that's awesome you were down to the final two. When I played (a tourney) at Mohegan Sun I got down to the final three tables and I thought that was pretty good. Nice job man!"

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