Monday, August 18, 2003

Poker FAQs... from The Borgata's website.

Q - What is a Satellite?
A: A Satellite poker tournament is a tournament that is usually a single table game that a player buys into to win a seat in a bigger tournament. For example, a player will pay $65 to buy into a satellite tournament. If the player wins, they win a voucher worth $500 that can be used to buy into the $500 tournament.

Q - What is a Super Satellite?
A: Super Satellite is a multi-table tournament with the same outcome as the single table Satellite. A player will pay $120 to buy into a Super Satellite Tournament. The winner receives a voucher for the $5,000 tournament. There are multiple winners in the Super Satellite tournaments. Borgata expects to award 9 or more vouchers during the Super Satellites.

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