Friday, August 22, 2003

Late Afternoon $2-4 Hold'em Game at Foxwoods

I'm recaping the highlights of my four or five hour long run of $2-4 Hold'em with Senor on Wednesday. We drove in separate cars to Foxwoods from Mohegan Sun. I got there about ten minutes faster. I dunno how that happened! But I got to sit down at a table before he did. Five minutes after he arrived two spots opened at my table. Not only did I get to play twice in a row with Senor at my table, but he got to sit right next to me in Seat 1. Over the next five hours I had some of the best fun at one the most liveliest poker tables I ever played at.

There was a kid next to me that played basketball at some college in New Hampshire. He was down to his last $4 and went all-in on his blind. He doubled up, and eventually had a nice run and had a stack of chips worth $80. Not bad at all. His only problem was that he drank the entire time. He kept ordering drink after drink. The drunker he got, the funnier his comments were. There was an old guy next to him and he kept Senor and I cracking up the entire time (I noticed he was drinking scotch the entire time).

I bought in for $100 and when I left to play in the Act Two tourney, I was up about $50 plus. The most I was up all night was $100. But I played kind of loose in the late position. And I raised a lot when I had decent cards and I knew other players were drawing straights or flushes. If they are going to beat my high pair or my two pair, then shit... they are going to have to pay to get that card. My new philosophy was No free cards, especially on Fourth Street (the turn). But that cost me a couple of times.

I won some medium sized pots. I flopped top two pair a couple of times and won the pot both times. I won a small pot with pocket Kings. I lost a big pot with A-K suited and the guy who won flopped a straight. Senor lost a huge pot that busted his stack when he bet into a higher straight. The guy who won held A-Q and Senor held Q-10 when the community cards were K-J-10-9-2.

We signed up for an Act One and Act Two tourneys. I went up to check on our names (which they write on a board) and saw they were erased. The manager said that he called our names for an Act One, but I swear that we didn't hear them. We signed up again and realized that we would be the next to be called for an Act Two. Senor left to get food and play Roulette. They calle dour names and I tried to call him. I got to the Act Two table and there were two spots left. By the time Senor got there, it was too late. The empty seat had been taken.

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