Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Nugs: WSOP Conference, TWiP, 70s Fusion, and More Embedded with Hippies

By Pauly
New York City

I'm back in NYC for a brief stop before I finish off a month-long bender in Atlantic City of all places for my first non-poker sojourn in a very long time to that East Coast gambling Mecca. Ironically, even though this weekend marks the end of my holiday away from the poker grind, I'll actually be playing in a charity tournament at the Trop on Saturday to benefit the Mockingbird Foundation. The organizers even made me a bounty player. Stay tuned for a recap of the event.

But for now, enjoy a few super heady links (and one mind-blowing 70s fusion music mix) to kill some time...
Shamus waxes on the newest inductees to the Hall of Fame... From the Mayfair Club to Poker's Most Exclusive Club. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

Thanks to Jordan for the kind words in his review of Lost Vegas. (High on Poker)

The WSOP's own Ty Stewart appeared on This Week in Poker (last week's episode). Other guests included Matt Affleck, Matt Savage, and Trishelle. (Wicked Chops Poker)

I missed the most recent WSOP conference call because I was traveling from New Hampshire to Boston at the time. Anyway, here's the highlights of the conference call. (Pokerati)

Otis wrote a Halloween story... Walking Gray. (Rapid Eye Reality)

My buddy Jonas, an amazing drummer from Colorado, threw together another epic mix. This one is called 70s Fusion. And it's something that you gotta hear. (Coventry)

And if you're one of seven people who have been missing my half-baked poker scribblings, then check out a bit of music writing I've been doing this month. I penned recaps of four different Phish concerts sprinkled through New England...
Funkin Go Nuts (Providence, RI)
Oddballs, Screwballs, and Balls to the Wall (Amherst, MA Night #1)
Yacht Rocking) (Amherst, MA Night #2)
Live Free or Die (Manchester, NH)

And don't forget the other reviews I penned earlier this month...

Ten Ten Ten (Broomfield, CO)
Eurotrash Night (Broomfield, CO)
Off Kilter in Colorado (Broomfield, CO)
Barely Legal (Charleston, SC)
Double Fisting (Charleston, SC)
OK, that's it for now. I'll be back in the swing of all things poker in November and gearing up for the November Nine in Las Vegas next weekend. Until then... GTFOOMO.

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