Friday, October 08, 2010

Bonus Tribute Episode of Tao of Pokerati and R.I.P. Alley (aka Michalski's Dog)

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Alley (1995-2010)

The last time I wept was over five years ago after my grandmother's funeral, but I shed a tear this morning when I discovered that Dan Michalski's dog, Alley, passed away at 15 (that's 105 to you an me). The sudden news that KevMath departed Pokerati was so devastating to Alley, that she dropped dead on the spot when Dan read aloud KevMath's farewell post. My condolences to Dan for losing his trusted henchman and his dog in the same day.

To honor Alley, I wanted to post a special episode of Tao of Pokerati. This could be considered a "lost episode" that we recorded this summer, but never uploaded. A couple of episodes don't make the air for a multitude of reasons including quality of sound and quality of content. This episode fell into both of the categories because we recorded it outside (minor wind issues) and I was simply too wasted -- I sounded awful and it wasn't up to snuff. The episode got buried into the vault, but when I heard about Alley's passing, I couldn't think a better tribute to her by posting an episode in which she actually appears!
The "Alley" Tribute Episode of Tao of Pokerati

The Alley Tribute Episode: Party Animals - Your intrepid poker podcasters turn on the recorder at the PokerListings/Lara Miller ranch-house keg-party. Dan and his dog arrive so late and Pauly's soooo faded that they have almost little to share about a gathering of poker personalities at what has become one of the parties of the summer. This year's festivities came complete with two fights, a guitar-strumming Euro, and surely someone was having sex somewhere in the shadows of the vast property. It's been a long haul and Dan's dog picks up a scent in Pauly's pocket.
My heart sinks whenever I hear the part about Alley sniffing my pocket while recording the episode. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

R.I.P. Alley.

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  1. Poker4:50 PM


    Everyone always says it, and I'll say it again because it's true in a lot of cases. Losing a pet/animal is sometimes harder than losing an actual human being.....condolences

  2. Anonymous11:59 PM

    pets don't act like d-bag poker players.

  3. Murph9:54 AM

    Just lost my dog Kaya, one of the hardest things in the world....Had more personality and love for life than most people i know..... RIP...Pauly hope to see you in North Charleston next weekend ?