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2010 WSOP November Nine Odds

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The 2010 November Nine

Johnny Walker shot me a text the other day officially settling the "is poker a sport?" debate. He cited evidence the poker is officially not a sport because the online sportsbooks list the November Nine odds under "entertainment props" and not given its own page in the the sports section. lists the November Nine odds under the "exotics" section, which sounds like a corner of craigslist to buy a pet oceleot or dig up a tranny hooker to hammer a spike through the opening in your penis.

Anyway, if you like to gamble on random things, or if you're curious on who the online oddsmakers think are the favorites to win, then here's the current odds courtesy of
2010 November Nine Odds:
Jonathan Duhamel +180
Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi +250
John Dolan +250
Joseph "subiime" Cheong +350
Matthew Jarvis +700
John Racener +700
Soi Nguyen +1200
Filippo Candio +1200
Jason Senti +2000

Final Table Seating Assignments:
Seat 1: Jason Senti - 7,625,000
Seat 2: Joseph 'subiime' Cheong - 23,525,000
Seat 3: John Dolan - 46,250,000
Seat 4: Jonathan Duhamel - 65,975,000
Seat 5: Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi
Seat 6: Matthew Jarvis - 16,700,000
Seat 7: John Racener - 23,525,000
Seat 8: Filippo Candio - 16,400,000
Seat 9: Soi Nguyen - 9,650,000

Final Table Chip Counts:
Jonathan Duhamel - 65,975,000
John Dolan - 46,250,000
Joe Cheong - 23,525,000
John Racener - 19,050,000
Matthew Jarvis - 16,700,000
Filippo Candio - 16,400,000
'The Grinder'- 14,450,000
Soi Nguyen - 9,650,000
Jason Senti - 7,625,000
Some quick analysis...

No love for Candio from the bookies. The Grinder's odds opened at +700 and his line moved the most out of any of the November Niners. It appears that the Grinder is an obvious fan favorite and a highly popular pick, which is why the bookies lowered his odds -- to capitalize on the Grinder's popularity and to entice (slicker way of saying 'trap') amateur punters to blindly bet on the Grinder even at ridiculously lower price than he's worth. At the same time, the bookies lowered the line to save face -- just in case he wins and they'd have to pay out a shit ton of bread on the Grinderheads.

Right after the November Nine was set, I put in small bets on Joe "subiime" Cheong (+600) and John Racener (+900). I'm pretty pumped that I locked in those prices because their lines were both lowered in the last two months.

In case you were wondering, Joe Cada was an 18-1 favorite to win the Main Event last year.

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  1. Kevin Mathers4:38 PM

    Not recalling what the odds were last year, but I assume there was plenty of money on Ivey, which meant higher odds on everyone else?