Monday, October 04, 2010

Lost Vegas - Special Annoucement

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

This is the news some of you have been eagerly awaiting...

For more info, follow @LostVegasBook on twitter, or visit the site at

Click here to buy a regular copy of Lost Vegas.


  1. KidDynamite9:28 AM

    $10? cool - but when's it gonna be released?  ;)

  2. love the 2001 playing while you scribble. Soon as I buy an electronic reader Ill pay a e-copy too.

  3. I like the video but you know you took that straight out of the phish video they launched when they announced Phish's return to the Hampton shows when they first got back onto tour......excited for the e-book though!!

  4. Gracie3:18 PM

    Hurray! I can finally read it on my Kindle!

  5. I bought this before the e-book was available and it is worth the 10 bones.