Sunday, October 24, 2010

November Nine Full Tilt Commercials: Joe "subiime" Cheong

By Pauly
Northampton, MA

This is one of my favorite commercials of the November Nine featuring Joe "subiime" Cheong. Love his confidence.

For more of these November Nine Full Tilt commercials, head over to Full Tilt's From the Rail poker blog.


  1. Bill Rini1:50 AM

    He seems a little uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I like the idea but they should have spent more time getting him used to saying his lines.  

  2. he's +730 on Pinnacle to take it down......definitely one of my horses..

  3. Giddy up. I'm on the subiime gravy train as well.

  4. What is with a guy saying he "wants" to come in 2nd?  For real?  Ok, one thing to not want the fame, etc...but to say it?  Awful.