Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning Nuggets: Where Did They Come From?, Poker Hall of Fame Voting, Poli Showdown with Cali Cardrooms, and Asshole Avoidance

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Monday morning. Two of the most dreaded words in the dictionary. Nothing fosters more suicidal thoughts than the slog of Monday morning. That's why I want to point you toward a bunch of distracting items that will keep your mind away from offing yourself or potentially poisoning your boss and/or co-workers. And hey, there's a slight chance one of these nuggets gets you laid...
Let's kick this off with a heavy hitter -- something so heavy that your entire cubicle is going to be rumbling and shaking when all the hotties in your office pack it in to your workspace for a Monday morning dance party. This wild rumpus is guaranteed to erase the doldrums on this blues-ridden Monday morning. Without further ado... It's the Family Stone, Charlie Brown. Yep, who gives a shit that it's Monday... it's the perfect fire up a fatty, crank up the volume, and boogie down with Sly and the Family Stone. (Coventry Music)

Where'd They All Come From? is an op-ed by John Katkin who investigates the surprisingly high numbers in the Main Event. Seriously, where the hell did all of those players come from? Did they all win satellites? Did buy-ins fall off the back of a truck? Where did they get the money to buy in? (Pokerati)

Shamus waxes over the upcoming voting for 2010 Hall of Fame. He gets a vote this year, which is a well deserved honor. I was fortunate last year when the powers to be added to the 15-panel media selection committee, so I can attest that this is a phenomenal honor to be able to vote again this year. As per usual, Shamus brings up many valid arguments and points about the criteria of membership into the HOF. Take a peek at Thinking About the Poker Hall of Fame, Class of 2010. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

My overall view on politics is simple -- it's friggin' rigged. However, some of my friends are heavily vested in covering and following the ins and out of politics, particularly on the poker front. If you are also interested in that aspect of poker, then you should check out this guest post on Pokerati titled... The PPA vs. California Card Rooms. (Pokerati)

Los hombres at Wicked Chops Poker now have 10 episodes of This Week in Poker in the books. The latest episode included guests Phil Laak and Kimberly Lansing. Watch it if you have an hour to kill. (Wicked Chops Poker)

I finally updated a photo gallery that includes pictures of my summer vacation in exotic locales while embedded with hippies. (Flickr)

I had the biggest non-WSOP traffic day of the year on Saturday morning with this half-baked piece I scratched together during an insomnia-riddled evening... Cocaine Cowgirl: Paris Hilton Arrested in Las Vegas for Cocaine Possession. (Tao of Poker)

Funny how I'll write something and totally forget about it and then it happens to pop up later on down the line when I least expect it. A friend of mine had recently quoted me in a (somewhat funny) post I wrote almost a month ago, so I figure that I'd share it with you... Limbo, Asshole Avoidance, and Other Random Explanations of Why I Think I Hate People. (Tao of Pauly)
Best of luck surviving today. Yep, that's it. You know the drill... NGTFOOMO.

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