Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Nuggets: Adderall, Nation of Midgets, Hemp Cars, 20-Somethings, and Background Beats

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Here's a few items of note that are not related to poker, but you can find some semblance of a relationship if you dig deep enough and think hard enough. Alas, here are a few nuggets that came across my desk that I thought were worthy enough that I sent them along to friends...
Our Gods Are Assholes is pure genius from Iggy Pop. He tosses in the phrase, "nation of midgets", which sounds more like the name of a new album from The White Stripes. (Letters of Note)

What Is It About 20-Somethings? The tagline reads "Why are so many people in their 20s taking so long to grow up?" Compelling investigation and study into that fickle period of time in your early 20s that occurs between adolescence and adulthood. Those sociologists should study 20-something online pros. (NY Times)

This article is two years old, but still makes me chuckle... Chuck Klosterman on the "Difference Between Hipsters and Retards." (New York Magazine)

Cannabis Electric Car to Be Made in Canada is something that I thought was a mistaken satirical piece from The Onion, but nope, it's the straight dope. Canada will be making a car made out of hemp and run on electricity. (CBC)

Why Aren't We All On Adderall? is an interesting take on a freelance writer who ingested Adderall for the first time. So why aren't we all on it? It's hyper addictive and you need a prescription to get it. But luckily, I know a guy in Santa Monica... (The Faster Times)

The August Edition of Background Beats has been released. My buddy Jonas is a drummer and he posted a new mix of different down beats that are the perfect soundtrack to living life. Play this mix in the background while doing almost anything -- in your cube, working out, playing online poker, sex, late night partying, or commuting to/from work. Or, if you just want to look cool in front of your friends, play this mix for them. Shit, if you want to impress that hottie with all the tattoos but you think she'll blow you off because you have bland musical tastes, then blow her tits away with the latest edition of Background Beats. (Coventry Music)
That's it for now with the non-poker links. Chew properly and enjoy. NGTFOOMO.

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