Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nuggets and Pimps: The Ticket, Lost Vegas Reviews, The Shamus Interview, and Friends with Books

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

A few items of note crawled up on my virtual desk. I'd like to share some of those items with you, including books that friends of mine wrote, in this Tuesday version of Nuggets and Pimps.
Mr. Funk is one of my favorite Las Vegas bloggers. I hope he writes a book someday about his adventures as a cabbie in Las Vegas. Anyway, check out a stellar five-part series on his attempt to beat a ticket. Start with Part 1 of L "The Ticket". (Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles)

For a little comic relief... Coolio had threatened Micon and the DonkDown crew. Find out what's up in that corner of the universe. (DonkDown Radio)

Thanks to Otis for pimping Lost Vegas last week. (Rapid Eye Reality)

Chad Holloway published a review of Lost Vegas. (Predictem)

By the way, Lulu.com is also the platform where two close friends also published books. If you like pulp novels or the grittiness of NYC in the 1970s, then you should read Same Difference by Martin Harris. After publishing a few poetry collections, Falstaff recently published a novel. Check out The Chosen by John Hartness.

Shamus penned a review of Lost Vegas a couple of weeks ago. We also sat down for a thorough interview and discussed some of the background information about the publication and overall creative process behind Lost Vegas. (Betfair Blog)
That's it. NGTFOOMO.

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