Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Morning Link Orgy: No Logos, Orel Pitches for Poker, Annie Duke Talks a Good Game, and Taxi from the Dark Side

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Holy shit. It's August 1st? Time has flown for sure. Anyway, as summer slowly ticks away, enjoy this lovely first Sunday in August with a few links of note...
Let's kick off with some of Flipchip's 2010 WSOP photos. He was hard at work at yet another WSOP and uploaded a gallery of 140 or so pictures. (LasVegasVegas)

Snoopy made me laugh all summer long by sharing the trials and tribulations of being a mild-mannered Englishman trapped behind enemy lines in douchebag central aka the Hard Rock. He finally left Vegas and returned to London, but not before he penned one last post about Vegas titled Taxi from the Dark Side. (Black Belt Poker)

Annie Duke talked about internet gambling on MSNBC. (Pokerati)

Shamus weighed in on politics and baseball. Orel Hershiser's Pitch for Poker is a worthy read. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

No logos for Prahlad Friedman. He's no man whore -- unless you pony up the dollars. Kudos to a guy who knows what his sale price is -- and he sticks to it. (UK Poker Player)

Today is Sunday which means a new episode of Mad Med is on deck. The new season kicked off last week. If you're a fan then you need to read this astute recap of season 4's opener... Public Relations (Slant Magazine)

This is old news, but it finally got published a few weeks ago... Bluffing Ivey. (Poker Player Newspaper)

Happy Jerry Day! If you don't know, today would have been Jerry Garcia's 68th birthday. (Coventry)

Jerry at one of The Grateful Dead's rare shows in 1975

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OK, that's it. Good luck grinding the Sunday tournaments. NGTFOOMO.

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