Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top 5 Hilarious 2+2 Threads

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The other day, I heard giggling echoing from my living room. I popped my head out of the office and found Change100 sitting on the couch and having laughing seizures over a collection of photoshopped images of Phil Ivey getting a massage at the EPT Grand Finale in Monte Carlo. She tweet'd the link with the note "thread delivers."

I was gonna toss the thread into Friday's link dump, but decided to whip up a Top 5 list of my favorite 2+2 threads (with lots of photoshopped pics) for your personal amusement. Five years ago, I spent 20+ hours a week sifting through 2+2 threads, and luckily, if I missed anything, I had Iggy to post the highlights on Guinness and Poker. These days, I'm no longer a regular and miss Iggy's uber-posts. I'm usually sifting through the rubble of 2+2 once a week or so for work reasons to conduct research or verify information. I rely on my friends to send me links of the best of the best, hysterical photoshop pics, and the random bit of salacious gossip.

My hats off to the contributors at 2+2 displaying excellence with their photoshop skills. Indeed, some of the best I had ever seen on the intertubes. You are true artists. Please send your resumes to NASA -- they would like to hire you to assist in doctoring images from Mars (removing anything "alien") and to later help in a fake Mars landing in 2015.

Anyway, I've been yapping too long. My meds must be kicking in. Let's get down to it. Here they are...
Tao of Poker's Top 5 Hilarious 2+2 Threads...

1. Phil Ivey Photoshop Potential

2. If They Never Played Poker

3. Why Esfandiari Can Never Beat Laak

4. Ziigmund drunk with NYC Cop

5. Shaun Deeb Photoshop Contest

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  1. Kevmath4:28 PM

    Not a fan of Cyril the Frenchman?

    I think this thread could replace any of the top 5:

  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I'm surprised King Niche didn't make the top five.  Do you know about him Pauly?  I guess he's more of a poster than a thread starter (like Johnny Hughes.)  Friggin' hilarity I tell you!  I've never laughed so hard at poker humor in my life.

    If I'm late to the party and you guys already know about him and don't like him for whatever reason then forgive me for not being in the loop.

  3. bobby1:16 PM

    I have done ZERO work since the Ivey thread...thanks  LOL