Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day Link Dump: Party Poker Big Game, Getting Silly with Kara Scott, Day in the Life, and the durrrr Commercial

By Pauly
New York City

My sincerest apologies for the slack the last few days. I was bogged down in a lot of business-stuff (Lost Vegas and the 2010 WSOP) during the last couple of days at Mohegan Sun. When I returned to NYC, I decided to do my own thing and ignore the blogs. That's one of the benefits of working for myself... because I make the call... and this time I decided to sit it out and enjoy my last couple of days in New York City. If you want, you can check out some twit pics of my wanderings around the city.

Anyway, the poker world continued to revolved around the center of the universe, and that center is none other than Tony G. Here's some tidbits to feast upon until I return to the Left Coast and resume normal broadcasting...
I'd love to get silly with Kara Scott. That's what she's doing right now in London while hosting Part Poker's Big Game. In her last post, the game had been running for 48 straight hours while the lovely Kara has been logging the night shift on the sidelines. (Party Poker Blog)

And in case you missed it, Isildur1 did not show up to play in the Big Game. He backed out at the last minute. It seems that Viktor Blom did not want to play in a Kermit the frog mask. I don't blame him, masks should only be relegated to Halloween, Mardi Gras, and fulfilling sexual fetishes. Then again, maybe Isildur1 is just like some of my favorite reclusive writers (Pynchon, Salinger) and refuses to enter the public eye. (Party Poker Blog)

Shamus waxes on Women and the WSOP. As always, well written and thoroughly researched. Kudos. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

The Day in the Life of the Maven made me cringe. However, the parody video made me do seven spit-takes and howl at the moon. (Wicked Chops Poker)

I love a great con, like the Frenchman who nearly convinced a club team in Bulgaria to sign him, even though he was an impostor. (Wall Street Journal)

Did you see the new Durrrr commercial yet? Gotta say, some good stuff. Good to see some new blood in black and white pimping the site. (Pokerati)

And if you ever wanted to read short stories and fiction from yours truly, check out the index of Truckin' stories that go back as far as 2002. (Truckin')

Today in Tao of Poker History.... let's flashback to 2008 and something I penned titled Nothing to Do and Nowhere to Go.
That's it for now. I'll be back shortly with some other goodies.


  1. mulezen@gmail.com5:26 PM

    Now Pauly...what do you know about Pynchon?  It's a nice image (and One i will save) but what's your angle. As an undergrad I was reading/touting GR to professors when Pynchon sent Professor Irwin Corey to impersonate him in picking up his National Book Award. Few of the elite heavy hitters present understood the joke until after the proceedings.  Did you stop by and see him while in NYC?
    If so give him my regards.

  2. Pauly9:18 PM

    Pynchon is actually Isildur1.