Thursday, April 01, 2010


By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I created a t-shirt based on an inside joke that originated in media row at last year's WSOP.

Allow me to introduce... BOOSHIT! the t-shirt.

Many moons ago in a galaxy far far away, I had an ex-girlfriend who is French. She had an outrageous accent and used to mispronounce the word "bull" and instead of bullshit, she would say... booshit. Benjo has an amazing grasp of the English language and he's one premier writers in poker -- an amazing feat since English is not his first language. Anyway, Benjo usually says "bullshit" with a near perfect pronunciation, except that one day in a conversation with MeanGene and myself, Benjo let a "booshit" slip off his tongue. MeanGene and I gave him guff the rest of the WSOP.

And that inside joked spawned a t-shirt concept. BOOSHIT! t-shirts features your favorite angry Frenchman. Yes, now you can own a piece of an inside joke that is only funny to less than seven people on the planet.

Benjo loved the image I created and didn't mind that I go ahead with the t-shirt idea. However, he was skeptical that we can make any money. He admitted that he's not a savvy businessman... "I'm a hopeless idealist plagued by a childhood raised by socialist parents in France."

I explained to him that the majority of Americans are mindless consumers who will spend money on anything. The more stupid and useless and item is... the more money they will spend on it. Plus, hipsters love irony. Or at the least, they pretend to get it. Which is why BOOSHIT! t-shirts are selling like hotcakes.

Get your BOOSHIT! t-shirt now
before they sell out.

We are only looking to make a modest profit in order to cover our trips to In-N-Out Burger during the WSOP. We go about two or three times a week, or up to 20 visits over the entire summer. All those double-doubles add up.

If we have any money left over, we promise that those excess proceeds will be donated to the Save the Stripper Foundation of Southern Nevada.

Click here to buy your t-shirt now!

And if you're feeling saucy, you can buy your very own BenjoBooshit thong or Booshit beer stein.


  1. <span>Alas, it might not even be an April Fools joke.</span>

  2. This is real. We have habits to feed Benjo. Embrace capitalism.

  3. I think y'all should print up a few hundred of them and sling them in the lot of Phish Tour and at NAPT, EPT, LAPT and WSOP Events. 

    To have an artistic rendering of Benjo grace my torso would be a dream come true!

  4. mattshowell4:04 PM

    I am honored to be one of the seven people in the world who find this funny.

    Also I want to buy one of them.

  5. i had a bengali barback Loni(aka Osama bin Loni) who would always say This Is BOOSHIT! or so and so manager is a Big BOOSHITTER!! -- i wish i still worked with him, def would have another sale -- this shirt makes me want to track him down

  6. B-Rant8:13 AM

    Sweet shirts!  Though I must say I expected the graphic to be larger.  I was hoping to radiate irony at a maximum as I hipster-hop through halls of The Rio this year.  Or wait, would a smaller logo be more ironic?!  Hmm.  Sold.