Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday Morning Link Dump: Everest Poker/WSOP Lawsuit, Jimmy Chitwood, People of Walmart Rap, Johnny Hughes, and Truckin'

By Pauly
New York City

Enjoy these tidbits while you shake off the rust this Monday morning...
Everest Poker, the first online room to offer their skins in different languages, is suing the WSOP. Sounds like someone needs a good divorce attorney. Well one thing is for sure, if Everest Poker is no longer the sponsor of the WSOP, will that mean we won't see those annoying seat cushions? Those plastic pieces of shit melted in the wicked Nevada sun if you left them outside. They were no easy to throw, otherwise Otis and I would have been engaged in "Seat Tossing" all last summer. (Las Vegas Sun)

The always feisty Johnny Hughes made a cameo on the Gambling Tales podcast where he was talking a little smack about a couple of other poker scribes. (Gambling Tales)

Meet the real Jimmy Chitwood is a piece written by my buddy Mike Wise. If you're from Indiana then you know who Bobby Plump is. And if you don't, you'll soon find out. (Washington Post)

If you loved People of Walmart, then you'll dig the People of Walmart Rap. (Coventry)

The new April issue of Truckin' is out and features writers from Canada, Australia, Sweden, and Texas. I contributed two short stories this month: Lovers' Whirlwind and Hip-Cat Jargon. (Truckin')
That's it, now get the hell out of my office!


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    Hi Pauly, did you see my "To Sweden, In Search of Viktor Blom" series?  Hope you liked it... though you had more luck than I did, since at least  your guy posed for a photograph...

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