Friday, April 09, 2010

Jesus Goes to Hollywood, Free Tigers, Rush Poker, and Mouse Smashing

By Pauly
Uncasville, CT

I'm wicked hungover today to pen a recap of Day 2 of the NAPT Mohegan Sun, however, I do have enough energy to whip up a Friday link dump to entertain you while you eagerly await the weekend to begin.
I was a little surprised to see Jesus Ferguson mentioned on Nickki Finke's highly popular Hollywood and entertainment industry blog. Check out Vegas Poker Star Chris Ferguson Raises Stakes For New Film Venture RCR Pictures. Looks Like Jesus and Ray Bitar are funneling some of their Full Tilt duckets into investing in a production company. No wonder the Full Tilters aren't worried about the DOJ breathing down their necks. Hollywood beckons thee. I wonder if they will bankroll a sequel to Rounders? Maybe it's time to send three of my spec scripts to Jesus? (Deadline Hollywood)

Since we're speaking about the film biz... Hollywood Attempts to Cock Block Betting Markets on Film Revenue is a compelling read about the money side of Hollywood and the slithery eels on Wall Street who are trying to create a futures market for films. Heck, I've been betting on opening weekend grosses on films for over a decade. What could possible go wrong if the fat cats in Hollyweird trying to do the same? (NY Times)

Do you ever want a pet tiger? Does your kid pester you to get a pet? Well, then you're in luck because Golden Tiger Casino is giving away 15 tigers! I've come across some pretty wacky and retarded marketing schemes in my day, but this one leaves me dumbfounded. Reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons. Thanks to Kid Dynamite for the article. (Business Insider)

Only recently did I start using a mouse with my laptop, so I now get the frustration that mounts while playing online poker. I have yet to throw my mouse across the room after a horrendous beat, but I've come close -- a couple of times. I usually rip a nasty nasty bong hit after a bad beat to calm me down. Anyway, Tommy Angelo has a brilliant piece titled The Math of Mouse Smashing. Amazing breakdown. (Tommy Angelo)

Julius Goat posted a new chapter of Stupid/System. The subject? Rush Poker. Sensational. (The Goat Speaks)

If you have an open mind about music and are seeking out new sounds, then you have to download and listen to 1st Quarter Results 2010 Mix by BTreotch. My buddy BTreotch has turned me onto some amazing bands over the last few years. Luckily, he posts a mix every three months of an eclectic selection of music. This batch from BTreotch has a personal touch, which is why you should give it a listen. (Coventry Music)
That's it for now. Get the hell out of my office.

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