Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Poker News Link Dump: Play Dough, UB Hand Histories, and Isildur 2.0: Donk Harder

Thursday Poker News Link Dump: Play Dough, UB Hand Histories, and Isildur 2.0: Donk Harder

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Real links to real poker news. OK, maybe it's not real news, or maybe it is? Since the keepers of the echo chamber determine a story to be newsworthy and no one questions it, well, then it is what we say it is.
Shamus pontificates about the murly world of credit card processors and online poker. (Hard Boiled Poker)

Party Poker switched up their play money policy. Bill Rini offers up his two cents on play money. Wait, make that bhats. By the way, stop writing about relevent things. And post more pictures of 17-year-old Thai working girls! (Bill's Poker Blog)

Over the last month, Haley Hintze has been combing and digging through a haystack looking for needles. In this instance, it all began with a series of UB hand histories. She came across "choppy" hand histories. She posted more on the topic of choppy Barry. She also posted a couple of conjecture posts (labeled Part 7 and Part 8) in her attempt to connect the dots. Glad that someone is one the ball with the UB superuser saga. (Haley's Poker Blog)

PokerStars will be offering games in Kips or the currency of Laos. Thank God. The US Dollar has been in the shitter almost a decade and the Euro is plunging every day. (Melted Felt)

The Swedish action machine returned to the high-stakes tables on Full Tilt. Isildur1 padded his roll after knocking off ZeeJustin over the weekend for a half mil score, and then he proceeded to won over a million in a 30 hour period. His mini-rush was not over. He took on Brian Hastings on six different $300/$600 PLO tables. Isildur1 prevailed with a winning session worth a half a mil. But then disaster struck last night... when the Swede donked off a million or so. Zee Justin got back $250K and Brian Townsend siphoned $658K. All eyes were on pro Viktor Blom yesterday when he arrived to play on Day 1B of the EPT Scandinavian Open in Copenhagen, Denmark. Is Blom the Clark Kent to Islidur1's Superman? One thing is for sure... Isildur1 was not logged online during the time that Blom was playing in the EPT. And within ten minutes of his reported elimination, Isildur1 was logged onto Full Tilt seeking action. How long does it take to walk from the tournament area to a hotel room? (Poker News)

Fun Warren wrote some pretty funny stuff about the Kara Scott and British bad boy Luke Schwartz during the Party Poker Premier League matches in Las Vegas. (Party Poker Blog)

Benjo wrote something about Lost Vegas. But it's in French. So I have no idea what he's talking about. If you can read French, check out Lost in Translation. (Las Vegas, Off the Record)

Tao of Poker Flashback! Almost one year to the day... "Busto Brad" was one of those epic throw away posts that became a hugh hit. I definitely had fun writing it. Check it out... Busto Brad. (Tao of Poker)
That's it for now. Get the hell out of my office and get back to work, you friggin' slacker!

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