Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cash Plays and the Return of the Tao of Pokerati

By Pauly
Punta del Este, Uruguay

I made a token appearance on Jeremiah Smith's podcast Cash Plays over at Poker Road. The topic of discussion for this episode is Rush Poker. Other guests include Andy Bloch and Thomas Fuller.

Click here to download Cash Plays.

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Michalski ventured out of Las Vegas and headed to Los Angeles last weekend. We recorded a couple of episodes of your favorite and quickest podcast in poker...
Episode 1: Slumming It in Not-So-Beverly Hills... Michalski explains... "As Pauly and I are prone to do whenever we get together, we couldn't help ourselves from kicking into 3-minute-podcast mode in Los Angeles this weekend as we both got ready to take on the Hollywooded up field at the WPT Celebrity Invitational for the LAPC... and explore How-TF we got into the field in the first place."

Episode 2: Commerce She Bangs... Michalski explains... "Pauly and I arrive at the Commerce to see more big-name degens than we do celebrities, but it's still early..."

Episode 3: Newcomer's Welcome... Michalski explains... "We were still waiting for cards to get in the air at the WPT Celebrity Invitational when we found the red-carpeted smoker's terrace at the Commerce. The first ever PartyPoker Party in LA, too -- LA: It's Very Different than America -- as Tao of Pokerati runs into its first ever security issue."

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