Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics Rant and the Sunday Afternoon Link Dump: Kevin Smith Is Too Fat to Fly on SouthWest Airlines, Wonder Drugs, the Hammer, SI Wankfest, and NBA

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Interesting weekend capped off with St. Valentine's Day. Little Man Nate from the Knicks won his third slam dunk contest. Knicks still suck, though.

I watched some of the nauseating coverage that NBC passes off as the Olympics as my internal anger seethes while I gaze at Bob Costas' bad hair dye job. The NBC suits basically give us peasants a whole ten minutes of Olympic footage per hour, with the rest of the air time filled with Patriotic propaganda, sentimental horseshit, and an endless bombardment of ads reminding us to keep up the voracious consumerism.

By the way, those snowboard chicks from Colorado are cute as hell and we all know that they are raging stoners. The IOC drug tests for weed, which means the local drug dealers are going to have a field day slinging nugs, blow, and pharmies in the Olympic Village when events are completed.

The Olympics offer degenerate gamblers like myself constant opportunity to wager on obscure winter sports. I have a prop bet with Schaubs. Overall medals. USA vs. Canada. He's a Canuck and went with the home field advantage even though a Canadian has never won a gold medal on their home soil. It felt good to take a 4-1 lead after the first full day of action. I also have a prop bet with a friend of mine from Norway. Overall medals. USA vs. Scandinavia. I know he's gonna clean up in the biathlon, but I should get some money back when we switch to PLO.

Anyway, here's some items that came across my desk in the slums of Beverly Hills...
Speaking of the slums of Beverly Hills, one of my former next-door neighbors is still alive on this season of American Idol. Everyone's favorite Hollyweird blonde, Change100, shed more details in her recent Idol update... Hollywood Week. (Pot Committed)

Dear SouthWest Airlines... the next time you randomly screw over a portly customer, make sure he doesn't have over 1.5 million followers on Twitter (@ThatKevinSmith). SouthWorst Airlines fucked with the wrong fat guy. Read all about the comedic-drama surrounding Kevin Smith's ejection from a SouthWest flight because he was... too fat... and a safety risk. Listen to Kevin Smith's version. (Defamer/Gawker and Smodcast)

The origins of poker terms. Shamus wrote about a few such as The Nuts, the Wheel, and the Hammer. Awesome to see tribute paid to Grubby! (Betfair)

I love a good riot. I wish I was in Vancouver but not to cover hockey or curling, rather, nothing stirs up my creative juices than an old fashioned riot. Anarchists and Anti-Olympic protesters in masks smashed windows of big business entities. (Wall Street Journal)

Is the NBA doomed? One blogger was bold enough to equate the NBA's situation (expected losses of $400 million this season) to Greece. Yikes. Anytime someone says your business is similar to the economic woes of Greece... then you're fucked. (Wall Street Journal)

Pharmaceutical companies sell their customers false hope, juts like our politicians. The Wonder Drug Myth is a wonderful read and made me itching to pop (more) pills. But shit, I'm a painkiller addict and let me tell you something... Vicodin and Percoset are both wonder drugs. I'm jacked up on Percs right now as I write this and lemme tell ya... I feel wonder-fuckin-ful. The warm fuzzies allow me to watch the Olympics without howling and putting my foot through the TV to knock the atrocious rug off of Bob Costas' head. (The Atlantic)

It's that time of year for the SI Swimsuit Issue. I spent many moments of my youth wanking off to pics of Elle Macphearson. Anyway, Los Hombres have plenty of SI Swimsuit coverage. Check it out. Pull it out. Wank accordingly. (Wicked Chops Poker)

By the way, Lost Vegas is on Twitter. (@LostVegasBook)
That's it for now.

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