Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dirty Jobs

By Pauly
Punta del Esta, Uruguay

I'm down in Uruguay covering the an event on the Latin America Poker Tour. It's never a dull day on the LAPT. In the last year... I've been in a tournament when it's been raided by federales, got involved in a bar fight in Argentina, and got robbed in Costa Rica. Like I said, it's never a dull day.

The current stop is Punta del Este. I'm covering the event for PokerStars Blog and filling in for Otis. Change100 is actually my boss on this assignment.

Anyway, we're dealing with rigorous conditions here in Uruguay. The mosquitoes are frustratingly annoying. Plus, it's difficult to concentrate with all of these Brazilian and Argentinian models roaming around the tournament area.

Luckily, our photographer Carlos Monti snapped a few photos when he wasn't busy inside the ropes.

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