Friday, February 12, 2010

IHYGLF Not Necessarily Poker News Link Dump: My Way Shanking, Jesus Smuggling Weed, Wall Street Thugs Taking Over Vegas, and Writers Are Poor

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

What the fuck is IHYGLF?

"I Hope You Get Laid Friday" is an acronym for this random link dump. Seriously, I hope you get laid at some point this weekend. if not, fabricate that orgasm with porn, poker and/or sex toys.
Do you want to get stabbed by an angry mob and bleed to death for singing Frank Sinatra's My Way? Then don't sing Old Blue Eyes' classic tune at a karaoke bar in the Philippines. The savages will gouge out your eyeballs. You can get away with butchering Total Eclipse of the Heart, but don't even consider belting out My Way. (New York Times)

This relationship has 'doomed' spelled all over it. Wall Street is trying to treat casinos like the stock market. Cantor Fitzgerald (a firm that I was thisclose working for once upon a time in a galaxy far far away) has taken over management of The M Resort's sports book. Yikes. (Wall Street Journal)

Dumb ass pot smugglers got busted at the El Paso/Juarez border for trying to stash 30 pounds of Mexican ditch weed into paintings of Jesus Christ, otherwise known as our Lord and Savior. I know that it's "hard being a dope fiend" but next time, try the Virgin Mary like they did in Lost. (CNN)

Writers are poor because they are paid peanuts. File this one under "NO SHIT SHERLOCK!" (The Millions)

Thanks to Spaceman for pointing out this gem... Guide to sex, drugs, gambling, and living large in South Florida. I spent a week at the end of the year raging it up in Miami for New Years Eve and let me tell you... the information in that article is 110% accurate. (New Times)

Your favorite anti-hero fell off the wagon. It's not a sad tale, rather a funny, sweaty one which will someday be included in my L.A. novel (due out in 2016). The sordid and warm fuzzy details are here... Sweating Like Patrick Ewing. (Tao of Pauly)
That's it for now in this installment of IHYGLF!

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