Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Link Dump: Vegas Locals Robbed, Snurf Bust, RIP Bob Stupak, Twitter, and Iron Man

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

And here we go again, a Sunday afternoon link dump. It's a refreshing read at halftime during the afternoon football games, or if you're catching up in your office on Monday morning, then this is the perfect way to kill ten minutes and thousands of brain cells.
A Legend Bids Adieu. I got the word last week that Bob Stupak was on his last legs, and he passed away on Friday. Stupak was one of the bridges between the new Vegas and the old Vegas. He once bet $1 million on the Super Bowl... and won. He ran for elected office several time (last time in 2006 for Lt. Governor)... and never won. Every time I see the Stratosphere, I'll think about Bob Stupak. (LA Times)

Huge snurf ring busted up in Las Vegas. Good to see the cops put away these criminals hawking snurf via the web. Oh well. Stems from inbreeding, I tell you. The Southwest is filled with so many inbred jackals and most of them live in Las Vegas. (Las Vegas Sun)

France Poised to Deliver Jackpot for U.K. Gambling Companies Oh the Bits are licking their fingertips awaiting to invade France. The Frecnhies are about to surrender and open their borders to foreign online gambling operators. (Bloomberg)

Twitter raises $100 million in funding. Were you surprised that several big dogs on Wall Street helped acquire twice as much in funding as Twitter original sought? Some of those investors include... T. Rowe Price, Spark Capital, Benchmark Capital, and Morgan Stanley. Hey, at least they didn't get gobbled up by Google. (Wall Street Journal)

Locals robbed. I'm glad that Mrs. Flipchip is safe. She was robbed twice in two different locals casinos. Sign o' the economic times. (

Matt Savage hosted a tournament at Commerce last week called Iron Man specializing in no breaks and no deals. The tournament didn't stop until the final hand. In all? 19+ hour tournament. I wondered if players would try to gain an edge at the tables with street drugs and prescription pharmaceuticals? In addition to the sordid cast of usual degens, the Iron Man would naturally attract cokeheads who could stay up for days on end. The downside to playing Iron Man on Peruvian Pink is that you'd have to constantly miss hands because you're running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes for a bump, then another, and another. Naturally, the tournament could attract discreet pill poppers who fuel their three-day long poker binges on Adderall and other pharmaceutical cocktails. Anyway, here's my weekly Sunday column aptly titled... Iron Man. (Poker News)
And that concludes the Sunday link dump.

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