Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Link Dump: November Nine Profiles, Death Bonds, and Pai Gow Cheaters

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Congrats to Travis for his Stud skills at the Borgata. (On a Fold Draw)

Terrance Chan is an online limit hold'em God. He took down two LHE SCOOP events in the same day a few months back, and I watched him come from behind to win a LHE WCOOP event on Friday night. Congrats on your impressive accomplishment! (Terrance "Not Johnny" Chan)

Julius Goat is back with two more November Nine profiles.... Happy Shulman and Antoine Saout. (The_Goat_Speaks)

Death Bonds: Wall Street's Shocking New Plan to Reap Billions off Dying Americans. Holy shit, why didn't I think about this concept? I'd be a wealthy man living on a houseboat in Amsterdam by now if I cooked up that scheme. (AlterNet)

This is several months old, but I just want to point out that point shaving is an ugly by product of sports gambling... unless you're on the right side of the fix. (ESPN)

There's a Pai Gow cheating scandal brewing up at Mohegan Sun Casino. Apparently, one of the dealers fixed a hand for a customer in their tiles and dice game. The eye in the sky caught them. Sweet Jesus. Otis and I need to find a desperate dealer to rig a few hands for us. (Norwich Bulletin)

A guy known as Pai Gow John was busted after running a simple cheating ring at mini-baccarat that took in over $7 million over the last five years. They bribed dealers in 25 different casinos to help Pai Gow John's crew win with a false shuffle. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Lastly, check out my weekly column at Poker News. This week's topic touches on the psychology of winning.... You Play to win the Game. (Poker News)

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