Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Morning Link Dump: Bad Accents, Eye Pus, and Twitter

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

"Meester son ov eh beeech!"

Yes, poor Teddy KGB was named one of the Top 15 Worst Movie Accents. Nothing tops Costner's accent in Robin Hood. It starts out British and drops out half way. But Teddy KGB? Hysterically bad in a good way. (Inside Movies)

Grubby posted about his pus-filled eye. Gross, but captivating story. I missed his prose and hopes that he posts more. (The Poker Grub)

More poker players on reality TV shows... Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle teamed up for a reality game show. The dynamic duo will be one of the many teams competing on The Amazing Race. Check out their interview here. (CBS)

Here's a concept for a TV show... put Layne Flack in Thailand and Mike Matusow in Colombia and the two race to Las Vegas. The player who can smuggle into America the most illegal narcotics and hookers wins $2,000,000. The loser? Gets 10-12 years for intending to distribute and another six years for human trafficking and enslavement. I don't watch much network TV (it rots the brain), but I'm sure I'll find someone to watch the episodes and summarize them for me. Maybe one of my awesome readers will volunteer to write a weekly guest post about Maria and Tiffany's adventures on the Amazing Race?

Steve Rosenbloom recounts Michael Jordan's "con man" incident with Knicks' coach Jeff Vandy Gundy. (Rosen Blog)

AlCantHang is in Atlantic City and blogging the happenings of the Borgata Poker Open for the duration of their annual event. (Borgata Poker Blog)

JuliusGoat penned a sensational November Nine profile of Joe Cada. (The_Goat_Speaks)

And my second Sunday column from PokerNews has been published. The topic? Twitter. Take a peek at Worlds Collide: Poker and Twitter. (Poker News)

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