Thursday, October 02, 2008

WSOPE Main Event: Jigsaw Falling Into Place

By Pauly

Well, the final table is set for the WSOPE. Some dude from the November Nine ended up making the final table of the WSOPE. His name? Ivan Demidov. He's one of two Ruskies at the final table along with three Las Vegas pros, a Scandi, a Fin, and a couple of Brits.
WSOPE Main Event Final Table
Seat 1: Robin Keston (London, UK) - 849,000
Seat 2: Daniel Negreanu (Las Vegas, NV) - 1,002,000
Seat 3: Chris Elliott ( Alloa, England) - 281,000
Seat 4: Bengt Sonnert (Linkoping, Sweden_ - 385,000
Seat 5: John Juanda (Las Vegas, NV) - 1,349,000
Seat 6: Ivan Demidov (Moscow, Russia) - 1,006,000
Seat 7: Toni Hiltunen ( Lahti, Finland) - 386,000
Seat 8: Scott Fischman (Las Vegas, NV) - 732,000
Seat 9: Stanislav Alekhin (Moscow, Russia) - 1,278,000
I missed the action yesterday because I was across town at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino covering Day 1A of the EPT London with Snoopy and Jay.

I forgot how much fun it is to cover a tournament with Snoopy despite the many logistical challenges of covering a major tournament at the Vic. Snoopy had me in laughing in stitches a couple of times. But it was Martin from PokerListings who stole the show with his use of new poker vernacular such as... Euro-Donk, Euro-Bluff-Muck, and my favorite the Euro-Tank. That might leave yous cratching your head, but if you have watched Scandis play live as much as we have, then you'd be pissing in your nickers right now.

Here's a bit of Martin's recap from last night...
Figuring the pot was his, Montgomery went to muck his hand, but seconds before he was going to let them go, the Euro grabbed his mucked cards and flipped them over - just to see if his busted 10 high flush draw was good. Needless to say it wasn't and The Bizarre Euro Bluff Muck makes the hand dead anyway.
I had a couple of decent posts yesterday. One of note included a Radiohead reference...
Everything In Its Right Place; Benyamine Up to 50K
Posted by DrPauly

After the dinner break, David Benyamine was low in chips and in the haunting words of Thom Yorke, "Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon." Well, Benyamine must have squeezed out a couple of vats of lemonade with his lemons. The Frenchman has been on a tear over the last two hours. He was on the verge of utter catastrophe with a short stack of 8,000, however, Benyamine doubled up and then busted an opponent after he flopped a straight with 10-8. He pushed his stack past the 50,000 mark. Yes, everything seems to be in the right place for Benyamine. Now, if Benyamine can help Thom Yorke return to his home planet, the universe will finally achieve a moment of perfect harmony
Anyway... head over to for coverage of the WSOPE final table and EPT London Day 1B.

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