Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Hump Day Link Dump - The Outside Providence Version

By Pauly
Providence, RI

I'm on a short holiday in the smallest state in the union. I saw a stellar concert last night in Providence and caught two Trey Anastasio Band shows since last Thursday. I wrote reviews for Coventry Music Blog. Check out Trey Anastasio Band - NYC - 10/16/08 at Roseland Ballroom and Trey Anastasio Band - Providence, RI - 10/21/08 at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel.

I have been diligently working on my photo galleries. The Pauly Food Project is up to 418 photographs of food and food stuffs. I also added a new gallery of my recent trip to Amsterdam which includes 58 photos.

Speaking of Amsterdam, you should check out Change100's recent gem titled... 16 Bars.

By the way, Wil Wheaton is on a episode of Criminal Minds tonight. Check local listings.

Ah, I forgot about Iggy's 5th anniversary. Congrats, sir!

And thanks to Bill Rini for selecting Tao of Poker as one of the Top 10 Poker Blogs Worth Reading.

Have you been keeping up with all this nonsense down in Kentucky involving poker domains? Head over to Pokerati for complete coverage.

Ah... I almost forgot about this gem... Fox says "Greed is gooder" by fast-tracking Wall Street sequel. Although I was not tapped to write the sequel to one of my favorite flicks of all eternity, the gang at think I should! Super flattering. Here's the blurb...
The new details are that Allan Loeb (21) will be its writer, probably based on the fact that he used to be a stockbroker in Chicago. I cry shenanigans on that, and think that former trader-turned-poker blogger Paul McGuire would be better suited to write it because he’s got a sharper edge to him.
If I had an agent in Hollyweird, I'd be pressing them to get me a meeting with those damn studioheads!

And for all you Wall Street heads, how could you not be reading the gang at DealBreaker?

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